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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Needles and Nonsense

Finding time to knit is not easy. I work three jobs and sell stuff online, on top of trying to be a writer. And with my current nerve issues, everything I do seems to take twice as long. But I am determined to make time.

I need to finish my sweater, which has been in the works for far too long. I am much further along than my Ravelry project page indicates, but not so far along that I'm a hop-skip-and-jump away from finishing it. I still have one and a half sleeves, the edging, and the buttons to do.

When that is done, I have my friend D's scarf to do. I have had the yarn for forever and I just need to get it done. She asked me for it ages ago and I simply haven't done it. That's being a bad friend right there. :(

I feel like I'm finally settling into a routine with my jobs and all of that, so hopefully I can find some time in that routine to put yarn to needle and churn out some pretty projects! At the very least I need to start going to knit nights again!


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