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Thursday, January 1, 2015

With the Coming of 2015

I am going to be doing a lot of new things with the coming of 2015:

  • I want to read 100 books
  • I want to publish at least 1 book
  • I want to get $1,000 in savings
  • I want to pay off both credit cards
  • I want to take one picture a day
  • I want to keep an "entry a day" journal
  • I want to feel confident in a bikini

I have already started on some of these:

  • I work almost most days, and all day on the days I do work. Today alone I did a lot to help with money:
    • Signed up for a new writing website (Bubblews is busted) and will be signing up for a second on my next work break
    • Opened up a new line of income that I was never expecting to try. But, hey, it's working out so that's good.
    • Set up ways to cut costs. Our current is that we're not allowed to dine out at all in the month of January, and this includes fast food and the hot deli counter at the grocery store. We're also looking at ways to reduce our meat intake.
    • Got back on Swagbucks and Bing Rewards
    • Got back on my rewards apps
    • Picked up my writing again
    • Outline two short books I can get published
    • Went at my Fiverr work with a passion
    • Answered gig requests on Craigslist
  • I've already started taking photos, which I will be posting here every day.
  • Huntsman and I will be readjusting our schedules the hard way, because sleeping until 1 PM is just not working any more
  • And I have jumped back into working out and reducing my junk intake

Phew! I guess I should just get around to posting the picture, eh? Well, here it is:

It's nothing glamorous, just a shot of my desk. But I think this sums me up really well right now. My religion is off to the side, I am over-caffeinated, my rick sock on the corner of the desk is there for my constant shoulder pain from anxiety and tension, and all of my writing is in a jumble in the box. 2015 is the year of picking my life back up and putting the pieces back together.


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