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Thursday, January 29, 2015

Weekly Picture Rounup

It's time once again for the roundup of my daily pictures! Please bear through these awful photos as A) I work the night shift which means I can't get outside in the day to snap something with more variety B) I'm still learning how to even take photos and C) My apartment is tiny and boring.  But I'm doing the thing, so yay!

Going from top to bottom and not necessarily in date order:
  1. The prettiest little girl in the whole world. So says her mommy.
  2.  An at-the-time impressive pile of stuff I had drummed up from our personel effects to sell on Amazon. To-date most of it has sold for a pretty nice profit.
  3. The sweetest old man in the world. So says everyone who has ever met him
  4. This one one shipment's worth of eBay sales. Five packages, some of which were shipped in custom boxes.
  5. A stack of books I had found at Value Village to sell on eBay. I love old books, they're utterly gorgeous! (and they smell amazing... or is that just my opinion? Anyone? No? Okay.)
And those are the "daily photos" from the last week or so. I've kept some private, as they're of my or my family, but these I wanted to share. I think, overall, I'm getting better and I am definitely learning how to improve with every photo. 


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