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Friday, January 2, 2015

Kids, Don't Try This at Home

Do you see this? Yes, it is a bed. It is MY bed, to be exact. And at this very moment it is a land of forbidden comfort.

You see, once upon a time there was a very responsible college student. She graduated and moved to a new state and took a job like you're supposed to. Then the bosses at that job turned out to be sorely unethical and rampantly misogynistic to boot, and the young woman left their employ despite her rapid upward movement.

Months went by and her sleep schedule slowly shifted to a nocturnal one. This meant she slept parts of her work day away, her social time, and her precious time with her husband. As he was still bringing things to a close with his other partner (polyamory folks, it's all good. No cheating here), the time she got to spend with him was precious to her indeed. So she hatched a daring plan that only the greatest heroes had ever dared.

As her husband had also let his sleep schedule slip to a nocturnal once during his time away from the hallowed halls of education, they knew something drastic had to happen. And so they stayed up all day, and all night, and all day again just so that when the bell tolled 10 the following night they would slip into blessed slumber.

tl;dr: Our sleep schedules suck so we have to stay up for about 36 hours to reset them before Huntsman goes back to his teaching post and I lose my clients.

At this moment I am still longing for my bed, but we've only got another 3 hours to go!!

(Also, this is Picture of the Day 2)



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