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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Daily Photo Roundup

I've been a little lax on posting my daily photos, so here is a quick round up!

Astute viewers will notice one day is missing. This is because I took a photo of my husband and he didn't want it shared online. So, you have to suffer through one less terrible photo!

 03 January: This is my progress on Game of Thrones after only five days. I read fast in read-a-longs!

 05 January: I started this book the same night I finished Game of Thrones. So far I am hating it, which makes me really said. I wanted to love Faerie Wars

06 January: This is my calendar. It goes to June 2015 and I love it. It helps me keep track of the 5 or 6 revenue streams I try to keep flowing at all times.

I should be back on later with a picture for 07 January. After all, it's one of my tasks on HabitRPG. I will also, probably, be writing a post on HabitRPG!


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