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Friday, January 9, 2015

Another No-Picture Day; Religious News

Today there will not be a picture of the day. This is, mainly, because I used my picture of the day to take a very honest look at what shape my body was in. The verdict: Not good.

So despite the fact that I REALLY didn't want to go, I went to the gym with Huntsman today. Tomorrow we're going back to do weight machine work, and then Sunday I am going back for more cardio. Monday is a rest day, and then Tuesday it's back to the gym. Since Monday I am working something like a 16 hour day, that's pretty good timing!

Now, on to the religious news.

Anyone who has (for whatever reason) kept this blog bookmarked for a while knows that I am Pagan. Mostly interested in Irish and Germanic practices, as they are my identifiable heritage), Pop Culture Paganism, and the Fae folk in all their many forms. But after a bout with serious depression that very nearly ended my life, I found that nothing really spoke to me any more. I hadn't become an Atheist; I've experienced enough that I feel little call towards that. But I was definitely lost.

In order to regain a sense of myself, I have begun to re-walk my old path. For me, this should mean that I go back to Neo-Wicca and Silver Ravenwolf books. Since I find both Neo-Wicca and Silver Ravenwolf to be extremely problematic in terms of LGBTQA erasure and cultural appropriation, I instead picked up my copy of Grimoire for the Apprentice Wizard. Once upon a time I was a student at the Grey School of Wizardry, a Prefect even, and it really helped me discover where my talents were strongest.

Yes, there are some problematic aspects to the school and the book. But I acknowledge these as part of my journey back to the beginning.

If you are spiritually lost, interested in seeing the path unfold again, or just curious as to how this will all work, check out The Red Cloak Register to follow my progress.

That's it for now chickadees, since this is already a novella. Until next time, Be Well.


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