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Friday, March 9, 2012

A Few Quick Updates...

It's Spring Break here in the muddy Midwest, which means I finally have time to get back to all of you lovely people!

Between classes, clubs, and work shift, I haven't had much time for crafting, but I have managed a few hours to myself here and there to spend on crafting. I've come close to finishing a few projects, and I expect to use the next week to get them done! Why the rush, you ask?

Brace yourself folks:

Our moving deadline was pushed up!

Instead of moving in the scorching heat of summer, we'll be trundling across the country in January 2013.

I could not be more excited! The family, the food... the MOUNTAINS! Our relocation out West has been a long time coming, for me at least, and January couldn't get here fast enough.

In the mean time, I have quite a bit to do! Mr. Spiral and I aim to go through our apartment this week and weed out things we don't need. I have until January to finish my projects, and then there are all the usual steps to take before one moves.

Fear not, lovely readers. Though school may distract me, you won't fall by the wayside because of the move!

One final note before I go: Mercury is in retrograde and will be until the beginning of April. Make sure you communicate clearly for the next month and be careful when you travel.

In my next post I will show off the lovely felted needle cozy I made (and it's one of The Projects I have to do!)

Until next time, Blessed Be.


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