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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

My New Year's "Resolutions"

Let me start of this post by making one thing painfully clear:
I hate "resolutions"

I never actually live up to my New Year's promises and the rest of the year feels wasted because I never completed that one thing I said I would.

This year is different!

When midnight struck and I toasted my assembled friends, talk turned to resolution. Many had the usual resolutions:

"I'm going to lose 10 pounds!"
"I'm going to quit smoking!"
"I will erase my debt to (Company Name)!"

I alone sat quiet while my friends made promises to the newborn year. Eventually someone looked at me and asked what my resolution was. Imagine their shock when I said that I had no New Year's resolutions.

That's right folks, I have absolutely NO New Year's resolutions! This does not mean that I don't have any goals, quite the opposite. My lack of resolutions simply means that if I fail to complete my goals, I don't feel disappointed. And almost every goal I have has a much longer deadline than the end of 2012.

For those of you curious to know what my goals and deadlines are, here's a list:
1. Write 1 freelance article (end of 2012)
2. Finish every UFO hanging around our apartment (Summer 2013)
3. Be able to run a mile (Summer of 2013)

In case you're wondering, the "Summer 2013" deadlines are set because DH and I are moving in summer 2013 and these things need to be accomplished before then. I've been meaning to get on these thing for a while but packing up everything you own and relocating really makes you focus on your priorities.

That's it folks! Pretty spiffy eh? And without all the "resolution pressure" I've been doing great!

My next few posts will be about the projects I've got to finish. Until then, Blessed Be.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Pinterest Review: Wooden Heart Tags

For those of you who have never heard of Pinterst, let me fill you in on why this site is the best thing since warm Italian bread. After you've set yourself up, usually through an invitation from a friend, you can create "boards". There is no limit to the number of boards you can create and the options for board themes are endless. I create a board every time I want to plan a party, though I delete them once the party is over. Some of my permanent boards include a Harry Potter fan board, a board of recipes DH and I want to try, a board of home decor and alteration ideas, and a fashion board. These four themes barely scratch the surface of my boards and I have seen dozen of themes on other Pinners' pages. And if you find something online that you want to add to your board, you can create a pin of it. So if you like crafting, home decor, cooking, general hobbies, fashion, and/or organizing all your ideas in one place, then Pinterest is the place for you!

And with that site plug, we are ready to move on to the review.

Wooden Gift Tags
The women in my family are getting ornaments for Yule this year, but they are no ordinary ornaments. Each one is knit in the shape of an apple and hung with a wooden tag labeled with a family member's name. Starting with the woman and moving down her direct line, the ornaments make up a "family tree". Everything was going well until I started looking for a way to label the apples.

Pinterst to the Rescue!!

I was browsing the site one day and came across this pin which led me to the Etsy shop of Rusticblend. The shop has many charming wares, but I really could not afford to pay that much for the number of tags I needed. After looking over the original pin for a bit, I came up with a simple DIY version. They're not mini chalkboards like the ones in the Rusticblend shop, but the names on these tags needed to be permanent so it all worked out in the end.

1 Bag of 1 1/2" wooden tags from Michaels or Joann's (Heart, Circle, Star, etc)
1 Can of Matte black Krylon spray paint
1 Can of Krylon Low Order Clear Finish
1 Silver Paint Pen (Fine Tip)
1 Power Drill with small tip

1. Drill a hole far enough from the edge of the tag that the drill won't split the tag, but far enough from the center so there is room to write the person's name or other information.
2. Sand down any rough edges.
3. Lay out all the tags on a flat surface and spray paint them. You may need to do two or three coats to get everything covered evenly (front, back, edges, etc.). Allow the tags to dry per the instructions on the can.
4. Use the silver paint pen to write any necessary information on the tag.
5. Lay the tags out again and spray them with the Krylon Finish spray. Let them dry and then turn them over and spray the backs as well.

Once the tags are dry, loop a ribbon through the hole and attach it to the item in need of a tag.

All in all, you turn a bag of tags like this:

Into a set of gorgeous gift tags like these:

My next post will be a New Year's post. Until then, blessed be.
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