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Monday, September 26, 2011

Pinterest Review: DIY Exercise Journal

Hello again! Today's post is a ridiculously easy tutorial on turning a notebook into a journal, complete with ribbon place holder! I first came across this tutorial on Pinterest, which I've raved about in a previous post. The original post can be found here. And now on to the tutorial!

To make the journal you will need:
1 Notebook (I've had this one lying around for years)
1 Spool of ribbon
1 Roll double-sided tape or strong crafting glue

Step the First
Determine how long you want your ribbon to be, then measure out that length plus half again. This will give you plenty of ribbon to tape or glue on the journal, preventing the slipping that occurs with short "ends"

Step the Second
Using a strip of double sided tape or trails of glue, adhere the ribbon to the inside back cover of the journal, shiny side down. This will give you the shiny side up when you've got the ribbon in use.

And that is that! Flip back to the beginning of the journal and start writing, drawing, and pasting in anything you think should be there. I'm using mine as an exercise journal and I've already thrown in song lyrics, inspirational quotes, exercises clipped from magazines and records of my workouts.

For some added flair, or if you're using a plain-covered notebook and want to "pretty it up" cover the front and back with squares of scrapbook paper that are slightly larger than the actual surfaces. Fold in the paper at the top, bottom, and open side then glue or tape in place. For composition notebooks I like to use duct tape (the prettier the better!) on the spine to give it some color.

If you try this tutorial and like the way it turns out, check out Pinterest. They've got tons of great stuff and I'll be posting more tutorials and tips I find there, I can guarantee it!

My next post will be on the upcoming Pagan sabbat: Samhain. I'll be discussing some history and various aspects of the holiday as well as sharing recipes and promoting the always-amazing Circle Sanctuary, where I will (hopefully) be spending Samhain weekend!

Until then, Blessed Be.

*All photographs in this post were taken by the owner of this blog. Please link back if you use them!*


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