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Friday, September 16, 2011

Introducing Pinterest: Every Curious Persons Dream

A few weeks ago a coworker of mine introduced me to the website Pinterest, a website that is perfect for anyone who likes to organize, display, and explore their interests. It's not easy to describe Pinterest but I will try:

You either request an invitation or sign up and off you go. The home page is full of interesting photos and images, many of which are linked to tutorials and other websites, allowing you to go deeper than than the initial image.

The picture above is a screen shot of the home page. "Pins" of all different interests are jumbled together and you just scroll through until you find one you love. Then you "pin it" to one of your "boards"; a collection of images that you can group however you choose. Some of mine are "For my Kids", "Renewing Our Vows", "For the Home" and "Get Fit". The best part is that you can create completely new "pins" when you find something interesting online so no matter where you find cool things online you can add them to your boards. Pretty sweet eh?

I must admit that I spend way too much time on this site, so I'm warning that it's a little addictive. That being said, I have found some truly wonderful stuff on Pinterest. Ranging from crafts to recipes to clothing ensembles to exercise motivation and suggestions, there is almost nothing you can't find on Pinterest.

One of the things I've found that I can't stop raving about is a workout plan designed to slowly get you ready for a long run, starting with getting in the habit of working out every day.

I started this yesterday and I can't wait to see how well it works out. My biggest hurdle is not being physically able to work out. I'm actually fit enough that most of this 60 day plan is going to be rather easy for me. I struggle with actually working out, just finding the time amid all the other things I want to do. But day 1 took me less than five minutes and I felt so good about myself I added in 10 push ups and made sure to do them right. I guess a little motivation can go a very long way and I'm hoping it keeps up for the next 60 days.

I've also set another goal, thanks to Pinterest. Many of the things I've found on the site can be made at home or put together with a little bit of effort. Being the crafty little person that I am, I have decided to do at least one project or recipe each month, giving me experience with lots of crafts as well as material for this lovely little blog. I wanted to share some of those crafts with you all but after looking at my board I realized I couldn't just pick one. So I will leave you with a link to my "Can't Wait to Make!" board and the encouragement to check it out and set up some boards. Who knows what amazing thins you'll find?

In my next post I will give you a walk-through of the first project I've done: a DIY journal complete with ribbon marker. I will also share a great fall recipe I've found and some songs I like to listen to so I get in to a properly autumnal mood.

Until then, Blessed Be


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