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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

When the Embargo is Away the Crafter Will... You Know

With a little luck I was able to have the Craft Supply Embargo lifted a week early, which made me a very happy little crafter. I've been drooling over so many new projects for so long that when I was first able to buy materials again, I was in shock. Something tells me it was a similar reaction to the one you get when you deny someone chocolate for months and then let them run wild at Wonka's factory... (and cue day dream of chocolate rivers.)

Back to the crafting!

With Yule only 4 months away and classes starting in a month, I resigned myself to absolutely no free time without some sort of needle, hook, glue gun, or paintbrush in my hand. Keep in mind, I'm not complaining. In fact, that sounds like a roaring good time to me! I had begun researching project materials well before the embargo lifted and now I am pleased to share my findings as well as my game plan. After all, there is no way I'm knocking out some 2 dozen projects in four months without a game plan!

Part the First: Gathering Supplies

There are about 22 knitting projects left on my Yule list and at least four non-Yule projects that I want to get done before the end of the year. That is a whole lot of yarn and a whole lot of knitting. In preparation for said yarn purchases, I began looking up the suggested yarn for each project and then finding a cheaper alternative. In the case of 7 projects, I was able to find a cheaper yarn with the same properties as the suggested yarn and the substitute yarn often had higher reviews. Pretty sweet eh?

After locating the best yarn options for my projects I started looking at sales fliers and e-mailed coupons, hoping to find useful items among the sales. When the shock of being able to buy materials again wore off, DH and I made a trip to Michaels for some new bamboo DPN and a crochet hook, snagging a ball of red Patons while we were there. Michaels, being the lovely place that it is, gives a rather large coupon to customers with each purchase and over two days we gathered two such coupons, each of which becomes active this weekend.

You can bet that I will be at Michaels this weekend, coupon in hand, getting more supplies for my lovely little Yule gifts. Since not all the gifts are knit there are a lot of supplies to be had. The more I plan ahead the more money I can save.

Part the Second: Project Pecking Order

Now for the fun part: putting the projects in order! I've already got a little bit of a jump on this, thanks to my Ravelry queue. For the sake of beauty I'll be adding a picture to the name of each project, so all my lovely readers will be able to decide if the project is something they'd like to do as well. And as I finish each project I will post a review and tips . NOTE: All pictures are courtesy of the project or tutorial pages linked in the project name.

Yule 2011 Line Up
1.Elf Shoes for Nephew X - Instead of the red and green featured in the photo, I'm making them red with white cuff. I've already gotten started on these and hope to have them done within the next week since they knit up pretty quickly.

2. Werewolf Hat for Sister A - My little sister LOVES wolves and I am all about encouraging love of nature. So when I found this adorable hat I just had to make it for her.

3. Paw Warmers for Sister A - These fingerless gloves will go perfectly with the hat above, especially when made with same-colored yarn. I've never done Duplicate Stitching, so I get to learn something new with this project!

4. Fairy Furniture for Gma M - My grandmother makes the cutest little fairy houses for special events in our family. So when I found a tutorial on making fairy furniture it seemed like a match made in heaven. This project is fourth on my list because the trees haven't started shedding their leaves and branches yet. You'll find me at a local park in a month or so, picking up branches and pruning them down to size!

5-9.  Personalized Bags for all The Little Nieces - I made four of these bags for my bridesmaids and they were an absolute hit. I mentioned in my last post on Yule gifts there were two other bags that we used as practice runs. With a little handy work those two bags will make up two of the five bags I now have to complete for Yule. Each bag is personalized to the girl receiving it and they're always a favorite.

10-12.  Spa Kits for all the SILs - I don't have a tutorial link or picture for these photos. I've knit a few Flower Power wash cloths and will be putting them in nice baskets with soaps, bubble baths, soothing mixed CDs, floating candles, lotion, and chocolate. All my SILs are busy women so they'll deserve their spa night in!

13-19.  Family Tree Apple Ornaments for Mom-K - By embroidering the names of my immediate family on the sides of these apple ornaments, I will turn whatever tree they hang on in to a family tree. With one for both parents, each sibling, and my DH it is quite an undertaking!

20/21. Men's Fingerless Gloves - I'm scheduled to make two pair, one for my brother J and my BIL W. Knit in black they are very versatile and will make a great addition to their standard winter gear.

22-24. Goddess for All Seasons with Case for Friends - I've already knocked out two of the five goddesses I need to crochet. Thankfully they work up pretty quickly and DH is painting the cases so they're almost all done!

25/26. Coffee Cup Pincushion/ Tape Measure Cozy for Mom - My mom is an avid knitter as well as a coffee addict so these little gems are going in a gift basket along with some of her favorite coffee, candies, and a nice book to go along with it all.

27. Monaco Driving Scarf for MIL-L - My MIL loves cruises but always complains that her very long hair blows around too much. This driving scarf, inspired by old Hollywood glamour, seems to be just the thing to solve her problems.

28. Wheel of the Year Skirt for Pagan Student Association Advisor - Again, no link or picture since this wonderful project comes from the Anticraft book with errata on their blog. I made a variation for Samhain last year and will be making one for our wonderful advisor this year.

Talk about the Winter Olympics! I'm pretty sure I'm not going to be able to outdo myself next year! What makes this even more astounding is that there are a few gifts I didn't list on here since I know their recipients read this blog. (Hi guys!) So wish me luck dear readers, because my wrists and eyes are going to need it!

My next post will be a sister post to this one, featuring pictures of the projects I've already finished as well as a few non-Yule projects I've got in the works.

Until next time, Blessed Be.


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