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Monday, July 11, 2011

Showing the Garden... err... Back Porch a Little Love

Hands down my favorite part of our new apartment is the outdoor access and ability to actually grow something! Our last apartment could only be accessed through a hall in the middle of a building, which was great in avoiding drafts during winter but sucked whenever the weather was nice and we wanted to go outside. And being Pagan I have always had an affinity for growing things, which I simply could not have in our old place.

Thankfully that is all behind us now and I celebrated by spending a good part of my afternoon listening to the audio book of  "Don't Know Much About Mythology" by Kenneth C Davis on my iPhone and weeding the flowerbed next to our back porch. Boy what a difference that hour or so made!



Since all the soil in the flowerbed is hard-packed we have a bit of an earwig problem and I really really really hate earwigs. Unfortunately I can't find the gardening tools a friend gave me (thank you Move-In chaos!) but as soon as I do you can bet that I will be hand-tilling the soil. Sadly I won't be able to plant anything right away because it is so late in the year, but that isn't going to stop me from starting some seedlings inside and keeping the ground prepped for next season. I can taste those fresh herbs already!

Tomorrow I'll be going over the reasons and results of my current Craft Supply Embargo as well as introducing the next knitting project to grace my needles.


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