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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Moving Tips

A good chunk of my childhood memories are of my mom and I moving from one place to another, usually because of job and education opportunities. As a result of this I have become very good at packing when left to my own devices. DH was reluctant to hand me the reins on our move this week because I tend to over-plan things but at the moment he is rather glad that he did. We are now mostly packed, taking half the time and hassle it did when we first started prepping for the move and I didn't even get to employ most of my tactics! To placate the need to be SuperPackingWoman I have decided to share my experience here. Hopefully other people can get as much use out of these tips as I do...

Moving Tips, or, How to Pack and Move Without Losing Your Marbles (and Everything Else)
  1. In the months/ weeks leading up to your "begin packing" date, hold on to newspapers and (clean) grocery bags. These make excellent packing materials and are completely free... which is cheaper than bubble wrap. If you have a beloved valuable however, bubble wrap is always a good bet.
  2. Before you even think of packing a box, take a look around whatever room you are starting in. Throw away unnecessary papers, donate clutter you don't want, and put everything where it is supposed to go. Go through the whole house doing this, focusing on things that are out in the open. The more you pitch the less you have to move and if you don't really like it why burn the energy to move it?
  3. Grab a large duffel bag for each member of your family. Pack at least one week's worth of clothes and other necessities for short-distance moves. For long-distance moves you may want to plan ahead up to three weeks of necessities.
  4. Once the necessities are packed and stowed for later use, begin packing non essentials. Choose one room to begin in and pack books, DVDS, games, knick-knacks, holiday stuff... anything you can live without. Again, start with what is in plain sight. I like to start packing about a month before the move, so I have plenty of time to go through everything.
  5. Now that everything in plain sight is packed (including wall decor!) move on to things that are stuffed in to drawers, cubbies, etc. If you're not going to leave clothes in your dressers, you can pack up the clothes about a week or two before your move, depending on how many necessities you packed in step 3.
  6. This one is BIG: As you pack a box, put a colored sticker on it to mark which room it goes in to. Each room should be a different color. This way when you reach the new house you can just put a sheet of colored paper on the doors to various rooms and everyone will know what goes where.
  7. If you're planning a long-distance move with a company, take photos of all your electronics and valuables. If you really want to be careful catalog exactly how many boxes there are and what is in each box. Get this information signed by a notary of the public and make sure the movers know that you have that information on legal record. I only recommend this because I've had game consoles go missing during cross-country moves and it sucks.
  8. Keep all your food and cooking supplies in easy-access boxes like plastic totes. That way there is no tape cutting when you finally hit the new place. You just pop off the lid and have at it. I would recommend pitching all perishable foods before a long move, however.
  9. Keep a fully stocked first aid kit handy. Include any medication your family uses, whether it is prescription or over the counter, in addition to the usual items found in first aid kits.
  10. Have a binder handy for all the necessary paperwork and information. Rental/ Purchase documents, the manifesto of items being moved, contact information for people who are helping you, medical facilities near both the old and the new location... the info will vary depending on your situation.
I hope this helps make your next move go a little smoother!


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