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Saturday, July 2, 2011

First Meeting of the Local Pagan Study Group...

I am a very religious person in nature and by that I mean that I enjoy spending time involved in religious activities, learning about aspects of my religion, and spending time with people who can intelligently discuss the different points of my faith. As a Pagan, opportunities to do these things in a group setting are few and far between. If I wanted to discuss religion with like-minded people I could contact any one of several friends who share my faith, but I recently decided that I wanted a more cohesive group with which to work.

Thus our local Pagan Study Group was formed.

Employing the "group" feature of Facebook I put together a collection of people who I thought would be interested in exploring our religion further and perhaps learning new skills along the way, such as drumming or candle making. Today was our first meeting.

I am happy to say that, though the turn-out for today was small (the product of late notice on the date of our first meeting), I can sense a lot of interest in this group. People have been contacting me regularly since the Facebook group went up, asking for topics and giving suggestions. Our first few meetings are just going to be meet and greet events so that the group members can all become familiar with one another. Within a few weeks we will start studying a topic or two and move on from there.

So far things have been going better than I expected. There are a lot of people interested in studying topics in detail and it is nice to see that I am not alone in this. Though we're off to a slow start I hope that we can pick up steam soon.

Next Saturday will bring another update on the group and over time I hope to have lots of interesting information to share here on My Spiral Path.


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