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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Exercise Update and Post #3

I didn't intend to post three times today but DH and I had a long talk about exercise and weight loss when I got home from work and I think that posting about it will help me gain clarity and strengthen my resolve. After all, posting usually does.

Over the last year and a half I have tried in vain to lose 40 pounds. According to an older post I imported from a now-defunct blog, I weighed 182  pounds in January of this year. It is now July and I weigh 193. My waist is only slightly larger than it was (40 inches instead of 39) and my clothes fit the same so I can only assume that my weight gain has come from a mixture of water weight, a little bit of actual fat, and muscle. This is further supported by the evidence of my currently swollen fingers (courtesy of water retention since the swelling comes and goes) and our recent discovery that I can lift things much heavier than I had thought possible for me.

Despite this "proof" that I am not gaining weight from fat alone, I am become discouraged. Obesity runs on one side of my family and blood sugar issues run on the other, making me a high risk for both. Add those facts to my sedentary lifestyle and our love of good food and you can see why I gained 45 pounds since moving in with DH.

This brings me back to the conversation DH and I recently had. He told me that if I wanted to lose the weight and start seeing results, we needed to push ourselves harder. We go to the gym a few times a week but that is about all we do. And if I start to feel like crap while at said gym we find excuses to go home. All that has got to stop. If I feel like crap at the gym then I need to take a second to rest and get right back on that machine or start doing those push ups again. And when we're home we can't just sit on our behinds. There are a few things a person can do to increase the number of calories they burn without giving up all stationary hobbies, of which I have quite a few.

The first thing is to buy a large exercise ball and sit on that when watching TV, sitting at the computer, or doing anything else that requires them to sit. Reducing the length of time spent sitting is another good idea, whether a person gets up and does something in another room for a while or they stand and watch TV from one commercial break to another

In addition to burning calories we have to reduce the number of calories we eat. Smaller plates help make small portions look bigger. To help the illusion we're going to move our larger plates to a rarely used cabinet and only use the smaller plates. This technique falls in to my "sometimes a gimmick can work" category. You have to make yourself believe it, but it will have results. Just like a placebo that you know is in affect, you just don't care.

And finally we're going to stick to our promises. This morning we skipped the gym because I didn't want to go, making up for it with the promise of doing exercises at home when I got off work. We've made these kinds of promises before but usually break them, citing that I've just eaten or we have too much housework to do. Tonight we stuck by the promise and went even further by not stopping when we got a little tired or I felt lightheaded. We would take a minute to rest and then jump right back in until we could literally do no more. And then we did just a little bit more.

As a general disclaimer I am not a health professional and make no claims that I can dispense medical advice. I am a young woman who is trying to find what works for her, so take my advice with a grain of salt if you feel the need to take it at all.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled programming.


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