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Sunday, July 10, 2011

The DIY in my Home

As promised, here is an update on those mirrors I mentioned last week as well as a look at my next big DIY project.

For those who don't remember what our mirrors started out as, here is a little reminder:
I didn't want to work on the mirrors until we had moved in to our new apartment. Our move date was the middle of last week and as soon as the last box was in I wasted no time in getting started. While DH rested from a long day of hauling heavy furniture I dug out the gallon of Valspar exterior semi-gloss I had purchased that morning. Armed with paint brushes and assisted by a friend I got to painting. A few days and several coats later the change was remarkable:
Absolutely gorgeous! All these beauties need now is to have their tags removed and their nails hung and we will be in business!

In addition to the mirrors I also finished a bookshelf that I had been holding on to, as I mentioned in yesterday's post. I will admit that I was rather nervous about altering a piece of furniture, but since the bookshelf was picked up from Salvation Army for less that $5, I figured it was worth a shot. Boy did my gamble pay off! With the success of the bookshelf and mirrors under my belt I feel confident in my ability to spruce up old furniture. And with that in mind I set my sights on the dresser DH brought with him in to the marriage.

This relic of the 1960's is still in great shape, but it's form leaves something to be desired, particularly with my decorating style. So I took to the web, searching for DIY Dresser Makeovers. I struck gold almost instantly.
Photo Courtesy of GetEmGirls

How gorgeous is this dresser? Inspired by an amazing DIY job I came up with a plan of action for my dresser.

1. Remove the handles on the front and sand down any residual glue. The handles are screwed in from the back and glued in the front to ensure they don't come off. Well, they're about to come off all the same.
2. Once the drawers are smooth I will prime and paint the whole thing, inside and out. Once dry I will use a sealant to increase the shine factor and prevent the paint from scratching off.
3. In a contrast color I will paint details on the front of the drawers. I'm torn between simple accent rectangles similar to those on the dresser above and curly designs reminiscent of iron scroll work. i guess it all depends on whether or not I can get stencils.
4. On to the hardware! I would love to change out the feet on the dresser for something like those on the sample dresser, but I may not be able to find the hardware. I have had luck with the drawer pulls however. I am in love with these knobs from Anthropologie, but at $12 a piece my hardware cost would be $192 which is more than a little over budget. I've got loads of time to find the right knobs though, so the hunt is on for cheaper hardware that is just as beautiful!
5. As a final touch I am going to line the drawers with damask print shelf paper. I've found a beautiful print at Chic Shelf Paper and I can't wait to put in my order.

As I'm sure you can tell I am very excited about this project. Unfortunately it will have to wait until later this summer because I made a promise to DH that I would not do any projects that I had to buy materials for, in an effort to trim down our spending. So far it has been working out well (the other DIY projects were agreed-upon exceptions to the rule) but I can't wait for next month to roll around so I can get started on that dream dresser.

Tomorrow I'll share an update on The Train Job scarf and detail my preferred weaving in method.


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