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Sunday, July 3, 2011

DIY Framed Mirror Update

As the date of our move comes closer, DH and I are taking a good look at everything we have in our apartment. We like most of what we see, but there are a few things we've decided to improve on. One of those things are a set of four framed mirrors that we received as a wedding gift.

Now, you have to understand that I love mirrors. Growing up in apartments gave me a deep appreciation for the light amplifying property of a well-placed mirror, which is a tactic I plan to use in our apartment. So when I unwrapped our new framed set I was very happy. Until I paid close attention to the frames.
Yes, those are silver and gold Baroque style frames in two different patterns. I've been in houses where these would look absolutely gorgeous but ours is not one of them. My decorating style is best described as Steampunk-Modern and these frames are not quite the right fit... at least not the way they are right now.

Inspired by photos like those below, I've decided to spray paint the frames black. Since the patterns are really quite nice, a color change is all these beauties need to reach their full potential.
Photo courtesy of Country Living
Photo courtesy of Remodelista


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