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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Craft Supply Embargo 101

Yesterday I mentioned that I have been placed under a Craft Supply Embargo by an agreement with DH. Since I have a lot of craft related hobbies, all of which require some specialty tool or another, I often spend quite a bit of money on craft supplies. Clearance aisles and thrift stores are my best friends of course, but sometimes there is nothing else to do but spend a large chunk of money on supplies. Our recent wedding and relocation has left us with a rather tight budget and out of necessity DH and I agreed that I would go the entire month of July without purchasing any sort of craft supply, with only a few exceptions. Paint for my DIY projects was allowed because those had to be completed before we could finish unpacking, but that was it.

So where does that leave me, you might ask? It leaves me digging through my drawers of craft supplies and boxes of stashed yarn to find my next crafty fix. Without the option of starting an entirely new project I find myself returning to Unfinished Objects (UFOs for my Ravelry readers) and digging out projects I meant to do years ago and then forgot all about. That is part of the reason my infamous "UFO Bag" was finally completed and why I have been working my behind off to finish "The Train Job" scarf.

And now that both are complete I have been at a loss on what to craft next. I could finish the Star Wars chart for my dad's scarf but that is going to take more patience than I have at the moment. Or I could put off crafting for a week or so.... but then I would go crazy and that is a bad thing. The project I ultimately landed on was the mate to the "Converse Baby Booty" I made last year. A friend of mine is pregnant and I want to give them to her, among a few other things, as a baby shower gift. And so out comes the lime green cotton yarn and the dreaded size 4 needles. Hopefully this one will go a little faster than the first!

Since this seems to be the week of double posts, later today I will post about the housewarming/ birthday party I am planning for DH.


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