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Friday, July 15, 2011

Bugs Fixed and Booties Knit

After a little digital file shuffling I've got the picture of the baby booties available. Finally!

Seems rather anti-climactic, huh?

Now that I have the picture I can go in to the details of these lovely little booties. The One of the left of the photo is the one that I knit up last year while the one on the right is the one I finished a few days ago. As you can see there are a few minor differences in the striping of the booties and that is because I accidentally used two different patterns. On this pattern's Ravelry page there are two links, one of which is the standard "This pattern is available for free" link and the other is a secondary pattern provided by another user. I prefer the altered pattern because I think it more closely resembles real Chuck Taylors. The second pattern also provides easily noticeable eye-holes for lacing these little cuties on to the feet of your favorite little cutie.

The upside to this project is that it knits up quickly. If you sit down with the materials and put in The Matrix you will have both booties knit up before the end. Now for the downsides, of which there are two. The first is that, despite their size, these booties are not a very portable project. You're working with two colors of yarn and two needle sizes as well as a stitch holder. Unless you've got some awesome needle covers to prevent stitches from slipping, the potential for damage is too high for my taste. The other downside is that there are a million little ends to weave in. Of course that portion of finishing the project is highly portable,
 as is the materials needed to sew the seams up.

All in all I give the pattern 3 stars and put it on my "Meh, it's okay" list of projects. If I could find a pattern to knit these in a single piece or with fewer ends to weave in I would be happier with it.

My next post will be an update on my exercise efforts as well as my recent goal of meeting 4 weight-loss goals every day for a week.


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