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Friday, June 24, 2011

My Silver Lining Detector is in Ovredrive...

Folks, one of the greatest things known to man happened to DH and me yesterday: our old TV blew out.

That's right; I am overjoyed that one of our two outdated sets has finally died out. Before you start thinking that this blogger has lost her mind, allow me to explain why I literally danced with joy when we heard the tell-tale "pop". DH and I are moving to a slightly larger apartment in two weeks, and the TV has been on the fritz for a few weeks now. If it didn't die before the move we would have ended up hauling the behemoth to our new apartment and setting it up, only to have it die on us there. Talk about wasted effort! The TV's timing was perfect, because now we only have our smaller TV to move.

Perhaps the biggest upside to this little incident is that DH has now agreed to getting a flat screen TV this Yule. The idea of the "household gift" took root in our home last year when our home Apple died a few weeks before Yule. As students we could not get our work done without a computer and we used the excuse of a "household gift" to justify the cost. Now that our TV has gone (and we've both been craving a sleeker, more updated model for some time) and the computer is almost paid off, we are going to use household gift this Yule to get that flat screen.

And boy has my mind been swimming with ideas! My decorating style is best described as "Steampunk Modern", mixing Victorian design ideas with the lighter lines of modern furniture. A clunky TV does not fit well in either of these categories. Flat screen TVs can be easily camouflaged, however, and I have spent quite a bit of time researching how.

Paint it Black
Painting the wall behind the TV black or hanging black wallpaper or fabric behind the unit can help disguise it, since most TVs are black boxes. Since we live in an apartment none of these options are really feasible, but they're good to keep on hand for future reference.

In Plain Sight
The design option that I am going with is to hide the TV among other items, drawing attention away from the set itself. Since our TV will be mounted to the wall, I can use a picture frame to dress up the edges (mounted to the wall, not the set of course), then hang other framed photos or works of art around the TV so that it blends in with them. The frame around the TV is not necessary to make this effect work, I just like the idea.

If your TV sits on a dresser or entertainment center, place a vase with flowers or a stack of decorative boxes nearby. It makes the surface more about space usage than a means by which the TV is held up, effectively drawing attention away from the appliance.

The furniture your TV sits on also determines whether or not it takes over the room. Instead of using a specialized entertainment center, which screams "I'm here so you can stare at the TV!" consider using a cute dresser or bookshelf. Just make sure it is large enough to hold the TV safely and that the furniture isn't wobbly at all.

It'll be a few months yet before we get the new set in and probably another month or so before I get the wall treatment just the way I like it. But once I do you can count on photos and details of what we did. There are plenty of other exciting projects in the works between now and then, and I can't wait to share them here!


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