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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

"Knit One, Kill Two": A Review

I promised myself that I would read 25 books over my summer break, to make up for all the reading I don't do during the semester. One of the books I chose to read was Maggie Sefton's Knit One, Kill Two. Now, I have never really read mystery novels but Sefton's series flew off the shelves when we got them in at my local library. Such popularity indicates an entertaining read, at the very least, and when I was free to read something leisurely I ordered my own copy from the library.

Knit One, Kill Two is the story of East Coast-er Kelly Flynn's return to her childhood home of Fort Connor, Colorado to settle the affairs of her recently murdered aunt, Helen Rosburg. Kelly finds several inconsistencies in the police's theory about the murder and sets out to bring the true culprit to justice, while learning to knit no less.

As a knitter, I have to point out that I have a bias to love this book. Either Sefton is a knitter (I haven't been able to verify that either way) or she had a great consultant because the process of knitting and learning to knit is incredibly believable and true to the way things are. That being said, Sefton does just as good a job at creating believable characters with diverse personalities and filling her scenes with realistic dialogue. She even manages to create emotionally poignant situations that the reader can respond too, all in a book that is fewer than 300 pages. I'm not going to say that she's the best author ever, but she's pretty darn good. There are times when you can see that one person is pulling all the strings, such as when characters use identical euphemisms to explain a situation. And, okay, there are a lot more murders going on in this sleepy little Colorado town than is statistically probable. But those are the only things that I can really pick at in this book. Besides, I mostly read fantasy so I can overlook a statistical fluke in the local murder rate...

I started this book without very high expectations. The "Knit One, Kill Two Series" is one in a long line of "themed" mysteries that started cropping up around 2007. But, as I have said in other posts, sometimes a gimmick can work. In Maggie Sefton's case it certainly has.

Ms. Sefton has a new fan in this blogger and you can count on my spreading the word to my friends. In the meantime, I've got a few pages left and then I need to set about ordering a copy of the next volume: Needled to Death.


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