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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Something Wedded This Way Comes...

We get married in 56 days! It is intense to think that in less than two months I will be a wife. Of course, the wedding needs to take place first. The planning process has sped up to an incredible rate and it is all I can do to keep up.

Thursday night my Maid of Honor came over and we talked Bachelorette Party plans. While talking about those with her, I updated our wedding website and my fiance started binding programs. With the invitations already arriving at people's houses, it hit us that we really didn't have much time left! For the last week sitting still has been both a luxury and a guilt-inducing activity, which is never a good sign.

Thankfully, Fiance and I were able to find a car for me. After not driving myself anywhere for a whole year, it was wonderfully liberating to get myself home from the dealership, even if I was following behind fiance the whole way. Nothing like a two hour road trip to get you back in the groove of things.

And I really am thankful for my new car. With the wedding getting closer Fiance and I need to be in separate places to get everything done, which really is just too awkward with one vehicle. Now he can take care of things at home while I run out and buy whatever we need or make it to an appointment. Better yet, we can each make it where we need to go, without anyone needing to be dropped off! I know it might have been easier to become more confident in a manual transmission, but the Escort was dying and a new car was needed anyways. Either way, I got my Yaris and that makes me happy. =)

So here is my Saturday To Do List:

19 March Super Saturday To Do
  1. Buy light blue dye to change tint of slippers
  2. Buy supplies for personalized hangers
  3. Buy pendant to use on bouquet
  4. Buy lace for garter
  5. Find a way to spray paint Bridesmaid bags
  6. Finish stamping and binding all programs
  7. Get labels to correct programs (we had a last-minute officiant change)
On top of all that, it is Ostara tomorrow. Unfortunately I already have non-religious plans, so I'm going to honor the equinox tonight with a bit of meditation and candle magick. I also need to work a spell of protection and a dedication spell, one for me and the latter for Fiance's sword. He can't wait to wear it at the wedding, but I don't really want an undedicated piece of sharpened metal hanging about! There's not much I can do about his brother's sword though... oh well.

I also need to work out. My dress almost perfectly fits, I just need to work it a little more!

And, finally, it is my father's anniversary today. I've been at work all day and still need to call my parents and give them my well wishes.

Wow... I've really got my work cut out for me!


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