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Friday, February 4, 2011

I Finished my First Yule Gift (And Other News)!

My family is huge. I am the oldest of four and my fiance is the youngest of five. So that is at least seven people. Count the seven parents (total), nine nieces and nephews (as of right now), seven grandparents, and numerous friends... you can see how my Yule gift list gets rather long.

This year I am planning ahead. Instead of starting in November I am going to start now! Well, last month actually. And boy am I glad that I decided to plan ahead. I finished crocheting the first gift yesterday and I have rarely felt so relieved! The Goddess as Gift figure will make a gorgeous gift for one of my elders, and she is only the first of eight I plan on making! The picture on my projects page does not include the box she will be gifted in, which is also her "home" when she is not out on an altar. I will also be making some accessories to go with her, though I have not decided on what those are.

In Blogosphere news, I imported the past posts from my other four blogs. All the tags are still available for anyone wishing to read back.

And finally: I slipped on my weight loss recently. Between pulling my back last saturday, the blizzard this past Tuesday night, and the seemingly random illness I have been struggling with for three days I simply have not had the energy. That is why I thank the gods for my fiance. He encouraged me to do as much as I could last night, because he thought it would make me feel better. He was right, though I did not want to admit it at the time.

Hopefully I will be able to kick this cold (or whatever it is) by tomorrow. I don't want to let all my hard work over the past month go to waste!


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