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Thursday, January 20, 2011

A Year and a Day of Study...

Over the last year I have heard many people mention a Year and a Day study. A Year and a Day is exactly what it sounds like: You spend a year and a day studying Wiccan in-depth as a way to become a more knowledgable practitioner and to reaffirm your beliefs.

After a great deal of consideration I have decided that such a study would be good for me. I could improve on skills and knowledge I already possess while learning new things and reaffirming my faith. I also intend to wrap it up with an initiation ritual, as I have never performed one. As many an elder has told me: Wiccans are Wiccans after they dedicate themselves to the Rede and beliefs of the religion. Otherwise they are Pagans. I'm sure many would disagree with this, but it makes sense.

As of this moment my schedule is far too full to begin a rigorous course of study. Between wedding plans, school, work, and extracurricular activities I know I would not be able to add the Year and a Day and still give everything the amount of effort it deserves. So I have decided to wait until on or after Beltane to begin my study. Between now and then I will talk to all my religious elders and many of my religious peers so that I have a clear understanding of what I am getting in to. I have also come to the decision that I would like to do this study with a teacher as opposed to using a book because I like having someone to converse with and bounce ideas off of. This can also be obtained by having Pagan peers and using the book as a focus tool, but I prefer more structure than what I alone can give myself. Personal responsibility is not an issue with me, however, so if a teacher can not be found I will ultimately follow the book.

Have any of you ever taken the Year and a Day journey? I would love to hear from anyone who has, as it is quite a new concept for me and I have only met one person who has completed such training.

Until next time Blessed Be dearest readers, I hope to share another step on my journey with you soon.


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