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Monday, January 3, 2011

Wii, Wii, Wii All the Way Home

I think I may be obsessed with working out. Yesterday I spent an hour on the Wii and burned almost 400 calories. Which was fantastic because I ended up grabbing fast food for lunch today due to a time crunch.

I also managed to perform a miracle this morning: I worked out before coming to work. I have never woken up early enough to exercise before work but somehow I managed this morning. It was a fairly easy 30 minute combo routine from the Wii training exercises, but I burned a lot of calories and got my heartrate up. At the moment I am at work with nothing to do, but as soon as I get home I intend to pop in the Jillian Michael's DVD and finish what I started this morning.

Regrettably the arrival of our Wii had distracted me from Ms. Michaels' amazing DVD, mostly because I really have to push myself to keep up with her and the Wii routines are easy in comparison. But if I want to drop the pounds and inches needed to fit into my dress I have to really push myself, and that means getting back on track with fitness other than my Wii.

This is especially true with my day off fast approaching. Every Wednesday we take a break from working out so our bodies can rest and heal anything that needs it. We also eat lighter on those days because we aren't burning as many calories, though we will probably take a walk if the weather is as nice as it is today. Come to think of it, a walk might do us some good. The worst things about winter is the cold that keeps us inside and out of the fresh air. Our town had a skating rink but they closed it down before we got a chance to get on the ice. I think that will be our goal for next year: Learning to Ice Skate!

Thus does my rambling end. For the sake of making this blog applicable to others I may start listing things I have learned while trying to lose weight. That will not start until next time, however, as I am currently drawing a blank!

I hope you are all having a wonderful new year!


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