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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Oh the Feel of Forgotten Needles!

I finally managed to get my butt in gear and finish some UFOs. Night before last I finished the last few rows of my third Mother of the Bride handkerchief and cast on for the fourth. By the time I go around to doing all this it had gotten very late and I was very tired. Yesterday, however, I think I made up for all my lost time. Well, not all... but quite a bit!

I have a bag of projects that needed their ends woven in. For a while I was doing something called No-Knit nights where I would weave in ends, crochet borders, or add embroidery. After my last semester got really crazy I stopped doing anything knitting related and the projects were stuffed in my media cabinet, lonely and forgotten. Knowing that last night's get-together with friends was not going to be a wild and crazy affair, I loaded up my backpack with all the weaving-in I had left to do and managed to knock out four bracelets, four washcloths and one Converse baby booty which has a ridiculous number of ends to weave in.

Needless to say I am quite proud of myself! I'm hoping to get the fourth handkerchief knitted and the third woven in by the end of this week. Then I am in for a lot of border crocheting and initial embroidering!


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