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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

More than a Week...

I have not posted for more than a week, but I swear I have good reason. Yesterday was the first day of the Spring 2011 semester and things were a little crazy. I had been on break for so long that I forgot what it was like to be in class. Thankfully I have a lineup of awesome professors and that made coming back to school a much more enjoyable experience.

Unfortunately, today is my long day as well as my second day of class. I arrived at work around 7:30 this morning (via bus) and will not get home until almost 9 tonight. At least my fiance will be home to keep the kitties company! Not only does this long day mean I will be completely wiped by the time I get home, but it means that I won't have much time to work out and eat a salad before I'll need to hit the hay and rest for Thursday. Wednesdays are supposed to be my "rest day", but lately I have not been seeing the kind of results I would like to see. While I have not spiked above 186 since we started working out regularly (that is a whole 3 pounds lost in less than a month) I'm not dropping any lower. I can blame indigestion for some of it, but my worst fear is that I have hit a plateau.

And that fear is why I have been pushing myself very hard whenever I use the Jillian Michaels' DVD. When I first started using her DVD I barely made it to the second circuit. Now I can make it through the second circuit, though it takes definite effort and willpower. If I continue at the rate I have been progressing I should be able to finish the third circuit by the middle of next month and using the DVD five to six times a week is helping me reach that goal.

Endurance is not the only goal I am striving for and reaching with relative ease. Since the beginning of this blog I have lost three pounds and an inch off my waistline. I have also pinpointed where most of my bad eating habits are rooted, allowing me to begin the process of overcoming them. Late night snacks, pasta and rice, soft drinks, and jelly candies are some of my biggest weaknesses. Ultimately those are the things I will have to control if I want to lose the weight. The lost weight and waistline attest the effectiveness of my current methods, but the wedding is closing in and I can't afford to waste any time.

I also have to credit a group I belong to on the knitting site Ravelry. From Trash to Treasures is a wonderful group that focuses on recycling and upcycling as much as we can, as well as sharing tips on sustainable living. Among the numerous threads the group communicates on is a real gem titled "(Re)Cycle Your Body", which is a thread where we set goals for each week then update the other members whenever we work out, eat right, avoid soda... whatever we have done to achieve the goal. If we obtain the goal by the end of the week, a little trophy is placed next to our name. It may sound a little silly, but that trophy is a wonderful motivator, as is the knowledge that a group of people are working towards the same goals you are, and everyone struggles with it. Such knowledge makes the struggle for health and physical happiness a much more human endeavor, instead of a battle with numbers.

I hope to report on more weight loss and looser pants soon. Until then I'll keep working towards those ever-present goals.


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