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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Just an Update...

There is nothing new or novel to report, other than an update of my workout yesterday.

After work (which was insane, might I add) I got dinner with Fiance at Taco Bell. I know it wasn't good for me but we were starving and I was supposed to meet friends soon so we had to rush it a little. After Taco Bell my friends called and had me meet them at a local sushi place, which I was more than happy to do. I then proceeded to munch on one spider crab roll and a bowl of hibachi grilled veggies. All in all not the worst meal I could have eaten.

Upon arriving home, however, I began feeling guilty. My Wii Fit board was staring at me with something like accusation and hurt. How could I betray it like that! I could only think what my trainer, Sasha, would say when I turned the system on! Yeah... I'm dramatic like that.

But underneath the vague guilt was a genuine desire to work out. Maybe it's the endorphins or maybe it's the definition in my abs after a good workout but I had the bug and I was happy about it. I ended up spending an hour on the Wii that felt more like twenty minutes and that was just a combination of pre-made routines. I then selected a ten minute routine that cut out all games and was strictly yoga and aerobics. As the two routines weren't enough, I then proceeded to play games for another twenty minutes. Despite my exhaustion I even managed to beat the obstacle course, which has been the bane of my Wii-going existence for weeks now. At the end of it all I burned more than 1,000 calories.

Maybe I do have a tip for any readers I may have, and this is it: If you ever get the exercising bug and feel an actual desire to workout, ACT ON IT. Remember not to hurt yourself, but act on your desires and work out. Not only will it make you happy but it will propel you further along the road to your goal. On top of all that, the "high" of working out is a memory you can use for encouragement on the days you absolutely don't want to work out. Because there will be days when you feel like skipping your exercises, no matter how much you enjoy working out.


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