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Friday, January 28, 2011

Seven Pounds...

Not only is Seven Pounds a great movie, but it is also my latest milestone. As of yesterday morning I only weigh 182 pounds, and that was after a week of taking it easy because I pulled my back. My waist is down to 39 inches and I can push myself harder in everything I do. I've even been able to get through the entire second circuit of our Jillian Michaels DVD!

I can't wait to get up north next month and try on my dress. I'm sure if I work hard for the next few weeks I will be able to fit in my dress before the end of February. I won't stop working out and eating right after I get down to size, of course. My ultimate goal is to be able to complete the DVD routine without needing an inhaler, being able to do 50 pushups with my knees up, and weighing no more than 150. I will not be overweight despite what my genetics tell me. I will fit in that dress, I will be able to play with my children, and I will be proud of my body!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Yuletide Knitting...

No, I do not suffer retrograde amnesia, I swear I know what month it is! After all, who can forget the stress of the holidays? That stress is actually what has brought about this wonderful little post. I have had enough. I can't stand the last-minute scramble to gather and wrap gifts as you wonder if you remembered everyone. This does not mean that I am done with Yule, however. I am simply done with the stress and I have decided to plan ahead. Thanks to the Twelve Months Till Christmas group on Ravelry, I have a forum in which I can plan to my heart's content, get ideas and feedback, and maintain a list of all my gift ideas, complete with links to patterns and online tutorials (for non-knit items).

As wonderful as the group is, however, it can not contain my excitement. I am so excited about the idea of planning that my lists have spilled out in to this blog and my crafting blog. My crafting blog tends to exclude all things knitty, so I decided to post a list of all the knitted goodness I intend to share with my loved ones this year.

My mother in law loves her cruises, but she always complains that her hair is whipped around too much. This pattern, found in the book Knitting in the Sun, seemed like the perfect thing for her. It can keep her warmer at night and is airy enough to hold down her hair during the day without making her overheat.

After some research in to the suggested yarn I decided that it was not the right fit for me, so I checked out a few other sites until I found a better yarn. The Brown Sheep Company is a long time friend of mine, so I thought it only natural to give them a try and their wool/cotton blend fit the pattern like a glove (pun most definitely intended) so I decided to go with their Cotton Fleece in Provincial Rose.

My stepmother enjoys country style, so I thought these ornaments fit the bill for her perfectly. I've been wracking my brain trying to figure out something else to go with them, but I have plenty of time to think of another gift idea. These ornaments will do for now, and I'm actually rather excited about them. All said, there will be six for her come Christmas Morning.

I will be using Peaches and Creme solids, in a creamy color. I am torn on whether to use glittery ribbon or plain yarn for the loops the ornaments will hang from. Again, however, there is time to make such decisions.

Anyone who knows us will tell you that my fiance and I are big Doctor Who fans. We are such huge fans, in fact, that my fiance expressed interest in owning a pair of socks with Daleks on them. To fully appreciate this you have to understand that my fiance never wears anything but black boot socks. Ever. So I resolved to knit him a pair of Dalek Socks for Christmas.

Because the pattern does not ask for a specific yarn, I am going with Debbie Bliss' Eco Baby yarn. I love that her yarns promote sustainability and Fair Trade, so I am willing to pay the extra dollar per skein they cost me. Not only are they a moral yarn, but they have gorgeous colors. Is there anything bad about this yarn? I don't think so. I've used Debbie Bliss' yarn before, in the Mother of the Bride handkerchiefs I am making for my wedding and I love the quality of her products.

If you say the words "Doctor", "Who", and "Scarf" in the same sentence, any fan of the show will assume you're talking about Tom Baker. As one of the most beloved Doctors of all time, Baker's scarf became legendary. Knit for the Doctor by Madame Nostradamus, it was an iconic part of the Fourth Doctor's outfit and has been seen in numerous episodes since Tom Baker stepped down as the doctor.

There are literally hundreds of patterns available for any Who fan wishing to knit themselves a Tom Baker scarf. Each one is as unique as the person who wrote it, and each of them resembles the Doctor's scarf in every way that is important. Luckily for me, my brother in law is a huge Doctor Who fan, and I know he would be absolutely thrilled to have a replica of the famous scarf.

The pattern calls for Brown Sheep Naturespun, and I am happy to comply. I really am a fan of Brown Sheep's materials, which are both high-quality and affordable. The link I've provided leads to a great online shop (which I have not ordered from yet) that has a great variety of colors at a very low price.

My other brother in law lives in Texas, so I have never gotten to know him very well. I know that he works with his hands, however, and winters can get a little nippy (yes, even in Texas). A nice pair of Fingerless gloves seemed like the perfect gift idea, and it will give me practice knitting something I have never made before.

Unfortunately the pattern calls for Lion's Brand Yarn, and I am not a big fan of Lion's Brand. Since both this pattern and the Doctor Who scarf pattern call for sport weight yarn, I'm simply going to substitute Brown Sheep Naturespun for the Lion's Heart Al-Pa-Ka. It also doesn't help Al-Pa-Ka's case that it was discontinued. Eep!

One of my sister in laws is pregnant and I could not be more excited. I have so many baby patterns I want to knit and I decided that a perfect gift for the little-guy-to-be was a set of three very unique baby booty sets.

The first set is designed to look like hobbit feet, with flesh-toned yarn making up a foot-shaped booty and Fun Fur decorating the top. My only issue with the pattern is that I hate Fun Fur, but since the pattern calls for Carron Simply Soft, an acrylic yarn, I am fine pairing the two.

Hopefully these booties will arrive just in time for the holidays, because one of the pairs I am making is called Elf Feets, and they are made to look like tiny elf slippers. Made from Paton's Classic Wool, they're sure to keep my little nephew's feet warm as well!

The final pair of booties look like High Top Converse All Stars. I've already knit one and woven in most of the ends. I just need to knit up the other one, weave in all the ends it will have, then sew them up and add laces and the star on the side. Made from Peaches and Creme cotton in lime green and white, they are way too cute!

I am a Pagan, so it is no surprise that many of my friends and a few members of my family are Pagan as well. For this reason, the Goddess for All Seasons has graced my gift list under no fewer than eight names. I've already begun one and have almost finished it, though I have to pause in my crocheting until I can create a bolster to shape the center with.

Unfortunately the link provided on the project page no longer works, but the tutorial can be found here. I am using Peaches and Creme, once again, this time in a solid white. The cones are easier to use for this project, because is takes a great deal of yarn and there are fewer ends to weave in.

But I am not stopping at the goddess. I am also going to make apparel for each major Sabbat, as well as seasonal garb for the days that are not marked by holidays. Each goddess will be gifted in a personalized case that also acts as a stand or miniature altar for those of my friends and family who travel a great deal. As of this moment I do not know what the cases will be made of or how I will personalize them. I would prefer to use a wooden box, marked with a wood burner, and stained a beautiful hue. Unfortunately that sounds expensive, though it might be worth it. I know the ladies receiving these figures will absolutely love them.

Both of these projects are part of a much larger gift and I am very excited to see the recipient's reaction. My best friend (who I call my sister) recently moved in with her boyfriend and neither of them have lived away from home before. I remember when I first moved out on my own and it was scary. I didn't have many dinner recipes so we ate the same thing far too often and the shortcuts my mother used when cleaning were a complete mystery to me. Because of this I felt it would be a good idea to create a giant House Warming basket for my sister and her boyfriend. 

Packaged within a light-weight and durable laundry basket and wrapped in a nice comforter, the gift basket will contain numerous goodies. There will be towels for each of them, embroidered with their names (thanks Mother in Law!), a spa kit for her to use on the days when she just needs to relax, a binder full of recipes, a binder full of sustainable cleaning tips, a list of books I know she would like, a bunch of fiction books I know she would love, several "adult" items, religious books and tools, a Goddess for All Seasons, and several kinds of dry home goods. Among these will be some Flower Power was cloths that are probably going to be packaged in with the Spa Kit and the Bag holder, because every home should have one.

The wash cloths are being made of Peaches and Creme cotton while the bag holder will be knit from some acrylic that I have hidden away in the back of my closet. I know she will love the gift, and I can not wait to get started!

There is so much to get done and only eleven more months to do it in. I know I can get it all done if I set my mind to it, but I could certainly use a little luck. So wish me luck, dear readers, and have a happy New Year!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

It's Christmas Time!

Well, sort of. Every Christmas I scramble to make sure I have everyone covered. Last year I thought to myself, "Self, why don't you ever plan ahead?" And thus an idea was born. I searched Ravelry's groups until I found one dedicated to planning for Christmas in advance. Well in advance. It's not even the end of January and I have most of my gift list hammered out, including friends I made at the end of last year that weren't even on my gift list before 2011!

The best part is that each gift I make gives me an opportunity to try something new, improve on old skills, or get to know a person better. After getting most of the kinks in the list worked out, I thought it might be a good idea to share a few of the ideas I plan on using this year.

Personalized Tote Bags
I have been making these for two years now and the little ones love them. As the girls get older though, I find myself wondering if the bags are nice enough, or if they're starting to look hokey. The solution to my problem came while I was searching the web for gift ideas I could use for my Bridesmaids. This tutorial was easy to follow and the pictures hooked me right away. By December, I will have made more than ten of them!

Total: 10+

Goddess for All Seasons
My readers know I am Pagan. I am not shy about this and neither are my friends and family. Not all of them share my religious views, but I have found the perfect gift for those that do. In my quest for the perfect gifts, I turned to Ravelry once again and stumbled upon this wonderful pattern. I followed the link to a tutorial, which I promptly copy and pasted to a word document. I rarely crochet, but soon after starting I was flying along. Within two hours of on and off work I was almost to row 20. Not bad for a beginner, eh? The only change I would make to the tutorial is in regards to the base used to keep the goddess standing. Originally the pattern called for a Go Snack container, which is something I never buy. I also felt that using plastic in gifts meant for nature worshipers was a little rude, so I switched to a more "natural" alternative. Instead of the Go Snack container, I will be using a miniature bolster made of white cotton squares sewn in to tubes and stuffed with bamboo fiber fill. By adding a few rocks to the bottom the bolster will be heavy enough to keep the figure from falling over while maintaining its form.

The Goddess for All Seasons tutorial is also linked to several tutorials for garlands that can be draped on her according to the season. I may or may not crochet these, but I do intend to make several pieces of "clothing" for each goddess. As if that wasn't enough work I will be finding nice wooden cases for each goddess, so that she has a home when they can't have her out and stand for when they can.

Total: 7

Wheel of the Year Skirt
I have gone on and on about the skirt I made for Samhain last year. The pattern I used was adapted from an Anticraft pattern titled "Wheel of the Year Skirt". Unfortunately I can not share the pattern with you because it is only found in their printed book. If you're interested though, you can purchase a copy here.

Total: 2
Photo from Etsy shop that is no longer there. =(

The rest of my gifts aren't nearly so specific. I'm putting together a JUMBO housewarming basket for my best friend, as well as spa kits for both of my sister in laws. My mom is also getting a gift basket, but hers will be coffee themed because her favorite coffee shop doesn't have a store anywhere near her. I might go in to more details on these later, but for now I am happy with what I've got. =D

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Ritual Skirts...

As some of my friends may know, I altered a design I found in a craft book to create a wonderful Samhain ritual skirt last year. My ultimate goal is to have a skirt for each Sabbat and a few general ritual skirts for non-holiday rituals.

Unfortunately my plans have been put on hold due to time and money constraints. This means that I do not have a Yule skirt and I will not be making an Imbolc skirt before the Sabbat is upon us. Instead, as a treat to myself, I am going to spend some time on Imbolc meditating on the meaning of the Sabbat, reading entries on it in the books I own, and designing my ideal Imbolc ritual skirt so that I may sew it when I can afford the materials. I must say, I am really looking forward to this year's Sabbats, whether or not I have my skirts. But that is content for another blog.

I know my posts lately have been incredibly short... and rare... but I am making an honest effort to be online more often. There are so many crafts I want to do but my time is limited. Hopefully I can budget my time better, however, and get more done so I may share it with everyone. At the very least I will have one of the pomanders for the wedding done by the beginning of next week and I will have that to show you.

A Year and a Day of Study...

Over the last year I have heard many people mention a Year and a Day study. A Year and a Day is exactly what it sounds like: You spend a year and a day studying Wiccan in-depth as a way to become a more knowledgable practitioner and to reaffirm your beliefs.

After a great deal of consideration I have decided that such a study would be good for me. I could improve on skills and knowledge I already possess while learning new things and reaffirming my faith. I also intend to wrap it up with an initiation ritual, as I have never performed one. As many an elder has told me: Wiccans are Wiccans after they dedicate themselves to the Rede and beliefs of the religion. Otherwise they are Pagans. I'm sure many would disagree with this, but it makes sense.

As of this moment my schedule is far too full to begin a rigorous course of study. Between wedding plans, school, work, and extracurricular activities I know I would not be able to add the Year and a Day and still give everything the amount of effort it deserves. So I have decided to wait until on or after Beltane to begin my study. Between now and then I will talk to all my religious elders and many of my religious peers so that I have a clear understanding of what I am getting in to. I have also come to the decision that I would like to do this study with a teacher as opposed to using a book because I like having someone to converse with and bounce ideas off of. This can also be obtained by having Pagan peers and using the book as a focus tool, but I prefer more structure than what I alone can give myself. Personal responsibility is not an issue with me, however, so if a teacher can not be found I will ultimately follow the book.

Have any of you ever taken the Year and a Day journey? I would love to hear from anyone who has, as it is quite a new concept for me and I have only met one person who has completed such training.

Until next time Blessed Be dearest readers, I hope to share another step on my journey with you soon.

It's Becoming a Habit...

Exercising is becoming a habit, and one I am fond of. Despite working or attending classes from 7:30 am to 8:40 pm last night I still made time to work out before bed. Admittedly it was a mild workout consisting mostly of Wii Fiit yoga moves and randomly chosen Wii Fit Plus routines, but it was physical activity for a sold thirty minutes.

This morning I continued the trend with another round of Jillian Michaels'. I even made it all the way through the second routine! Okay, so maybe I skipped a move once or twice to catch my breath and get a drink of water... at least I am getting closer to being physically fit. If all goes according to plan I will be able to complete the first three circuits, without stopping, by the end of next month.

I've also lost another .9 pounds, though I can't back up that joyful news with a waist measurement. Such are the prices we pay for early morning work schedules, but at least both my fiance and I have a consistant work schedule which translates in to a consistant sleep schedule.

I may have sabotaged myself, however. A nasty tendency to doze off in one of my English classes told me that I was rather sleepy today, despite a decent amount of sleep last night. Since I work until 11 tonight I decided that a caffeine jolt was in order and the only decent caffeine on campus is some form of soda. I've been balancing the soda with water which will hopefully counter many of the negative effects, but I'm sure I'll feel worse for it tomorrow.

That's all for now, and I hope that tomorrow I can report on another step closer to my dress!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

More than a Week...

I have not posted for more than a week, but I swear I have good reason. Yesterday was the first day of the Spring 2011 semester and things were a little crazy. I had been on break for so long that I forgot what it was like to be in class. Thankfully I have a lineup of awesome professors and that made coming back to school a much more enjoyable experience.

Unfortunately, today is my long day as well as my second day of class. I arrived at work around 7:30 this morning (via bus) and will not get home until almost 9 tonight. At least my fiance will be home to keep the kitties company! Not only does this long day mean I will be completely wiped by the time I get home, but it means that I won't have much time to work out and eat a salad before I'll need to hit the hay and rest for Thursday. Wednesdays are supposed to be my "rest day", but lately I have not been seeing the kind of results I would like to see. While I have not spiked above 186 since we started working out regularly (that is a whole 3 pounds lost in less than a month) I'm not dropping any lower. I can blame indigestion for some of it, but my worst fear is that I have hit a plateau.

And that fear is why I have been pushing myself very hard whenever I use the Jillian Michaels' DVD. When I first started using her DVD I barely made it to the second circuit. Now I can make it through the second circuit, though it takes definite effort and willpower. If I continue at the rate I have been progressing I should be able to finish the third circuit by the middle of next month and using the DVD five to six times a week is helping me reach that goal.

Endurance is not the only goal I am striving for and reaching with relative ease. Since the beginning of this blog I have lost three pounds and an inch off my waistline. I have also pinpointed where most of my bad eating habits are rooted, allowing me to begin the process of overcoming them. Late night snacks, pasta and rice, soft drinks, and jelly candies are some of my biggest weaknesses. Ultimately those are the things I will have to control if I want to lose the weight. The lost weight and waistline attest the effectiveness of my current methods, but the wedding is closing in and I can't afford to waste any time.

I also have to credit a group I belong to on the knitting site Ravelry. From Trash to Treasures is a wonderful group that focuses on recycling and upcycling as much as we can, as well as sharing tips on sustainable living. Among the numerous threads the group communicates on is a real gem titled "(Re)Cycle Your Body", which is a thread where we set goals for each week then update the other members whenever we work out, eat right, avoid soda... whatever we have done to achieve the goal. If we obtain the goal by the end of the week, a little trophy is placed next to our name. It may sound a little silly, but that trophy is a wonderful motivator, as is the knowledge that a group of people are working towards the same goals you are, and everyone struggles with it. Such knowledge makes the struggle for health and physical happiness a much more human endeavor, instead of a battle with numbers.

I hope to report on more weight loss and looser pants soon. Until then I'll keep working towards those ever-present goals.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Busy Day

It's a busy day here so this has to be short.

20 minutes Jillian Michaels'
10 minutes intense floor work
10 minutes on the Wii Fit Plus
5 minutes intense stretching for physical therapy

Things are going well so far and we've started measuring out waistlines every day which is helpful in reminding me why I am pushing so hard.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Another Quick Update

Just updating my activity log here: I did twenty minutes of Jillian Michaels last night as well as an hour in the Wii. This morning I did another hour on the Wii and will probably jump back on tonight.

Yeah, that's pretty much it.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Just an Update...

There is nothing new or novel to report, other than an update of my workout yesterday.

After work (which was insane, might I add) I got dinner with Fiance at Taco Bell. I know it wasn't good for me but we were starving and I was supposed to meet friends soon so we had to rush it a little. After Taco Bell my friends called and had me meet them at a local sushi place, which I was more than happy to do. I then proceeded to munch on one spider crab roll and a bowl of hibachi grilled veggies. All in all not the worst meal I could have eaten.

Upon arriving home, however, I began feeling guilty. My Wii Fit board was staring at me with something like accusation and hurt. How could I betray it like that! I could only think what my trainer, Sasha, would say when I turned the system on! Yeah... I'm dramatic like that.

But underneath the vague guilt was a genuine desire to work out. Maybe it's the endorphins or maybe it's the definition in my abs after a good workout but I had the bug and I was happy about it. I ended up spending an hour on the Wii that felt more like twenty minutes and that was just a combination of pre-made routines. I then selected a ten minute routine that cut out all games and was strictly yoga and aerobics. As the two routines weren't enough, I then proceeded to play games for another twenty minutes. Despite my exhaustion I even managed to beat the obstacle course, which has been the bane of my Wii-going existence for weeks now. At the end of it all I burned more than 1,000 calories.

Maybe I do have a tip for any readers I may have, and this is it: If you ever get the exercising bug and feel an actual desire to workout, ACT ON IT. Remember not to hurt yourself, but act on your desires and work out. Not only will it make you happy but it will propel you further along the road to your goal. On top of all that, the "high" of working out is a memory you can use for encouragement on the days you absolutely don't want to work out. Because there will be days when you feel like skipping your exercises, no matter how much you enjoy working out.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Swapping Free Days

Yesterday turned out to be a horrible day... at least the first half. I ended up skipping my workout in favor of a much-needed nap and a date with my fiance, so I decided it was my free day. That means that today I must push myself in order to keep up the level of weight loss I've been seeing. Skipping the wrong day is not conducive to a good mind-set, just like the Chinese we had last night is no conducive to a slim waistline. But then again, there is my motto: Don't deny, just restrain.

My motto means this: there are no off-limits foods. If I see a cookie and crave it I can eat it, within a set of rules. I can not eat any food late at night, though there are exceptions to this as well (party, holiday, wonky swapping of day and night schedules). I also can not have the cookie if I have already had a lot of junk. For example, let's say that I have leftover pizza for breakfast, a late lunch of pasta and cream sauce, and a rather heavy dinner. On a day like this I absolutely can not have a cookie. I've already eaten poorly! But, if that heavy dinner is replaced with a healthy salad and the leftover pizza is turkey bacon and eggs, than I may have the cookie. Everything in moderation!

And now for the tips:
  • Don't deny yourself anything What is the point of living if you're always miserable and craving something? Limit how much junk food you eat and when you eat it, then avoid junk food the next day.
  • Plan ahead for special events. If you know you're going to be drinking all night and snacking into the wee hours of the morning (ahem, New Years...) eat a healthy breakfast and lunch, making sure to get lots of water in there. The water will help with bloating and your hangover the next morning.
  • Learn your limits! Most people eat until they're stuffed because they eat too fast and don't listen to their body's "I'm not hungry" signal. Before your belly aches from too much food it will stop rumbling. When it stops rumbling, stop eating and drink a few good gulps of water. If you're still hungry a few minutes later, go ahead and eat some more, but remain aware of your body's signals.

Monday, January 3, 2011

New Year Surprise

My mother text me the other day to tell me that she and my grandmother reconciled and they would both be coming to my wedding! I am very excited about this because my grandmother is my religious elder and someone that I am anxious for my friends and current religious figure to meet. It seems that my grandmother may have already met the woman in charge of the Pagan Student Association, but it will still be interesting to see the two of them conversing!

Sadly this is my only news at the moment, though I hope to have more soon!

New Year, New Determination

Last year I was rather lax with my crafting goals. This year I do not have that luxury. If I want things done in time for the wedding I will need to focus. As it stands I still have not finished the first pomander, though I intend to work on it tonight. My slippers also need dying and we need to get started on several other crafts. To make it easy on myself I will be listing them on the side of the blog, so I know what is left to do.

Wish me luck!

Updated Counter

I updated the length counter today, which was in sore need of it. I've also started a project under the counter's list that is titled "weaving in" so I can keep track of how much weaving in I do. I've done quite a bit lately, as I have been trying to clear out my UFO's from last year. So far so good!

Wii, Wii, Wii All the Way Home

I think I may be obsessed with working out. Yesterday I spent an hour on the Wii and burned almost 400 calories. Which was fantastic because I ended up grabbing fast food for lunch today due to a time crunch.

I also managed to perform a miracle this morning: I worked out before coming to work. I have never woken up early enough to exercise before work but somehow I managed this morning. It was a fairly easy 30 minute combo routine from the Wii training exercises, but I burned a lot of calories and got my heartrate up. At the moment I am at work with nothing to do, but as soon as I get home I intend to pop in the Jillian Michael's DVD and finish what I started this morning.

Regrettably the arrival of our Wii had distracted me from Ms. Michaels' amazing DVD, mostly because I really have to push myself to keep up with her and the Wii routines are easy in comparison. But if I want to drop the pounds and inches needed to fit into my dress I have to really push myself, and that means getting back on track with fitness other than my Wii.

This is especially true with my day off fast approaching. Every Wednesday we take a break from working out so our bodies can rest and heal anything that needs it. We also eat lighter on those days because we aren't burning as many calories, though we will probably take a walk if the weather is as nice as it is today. Come to think of it, a walk might do us some good. The worst things about winter is the cold that keeps us inside and out of the fresh air. Our town had a skating rink but they closed it down before we got a chance to get on the ice. I think that will be our goal for next year: Learning to Ice Skate!

Thus does my rambling end. For the sake of making this blog applicable to others I may start listing things I have learned while trying to lose weight. That will not start until next time, however, as I am currently drawing a blank!

I hope you are all having a wonderful new year!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Oh the Feel of Forgotten Needles!

I finally managed to get my butt in gear and finish some UFOs. Night before last I finished the last few rows of my third Mother of the Bride handkerchief and cast on for the fourth. By the time I go around to doing all this it had gotten very late and I was very tired. Yesterday, however, I think I made up for all my lost time. Well, not all... but quite a bit!

I have a bag of projects that needed their ends woven in. For a while I was doing something called No-Knit nights where I would weave in ends, crochet borders, or add embroidery. After my last semester got really crazy I stopped doing anything knitting related and the projects were stuffed in my media cabinet, lonely and forgotten. Knowing that last night's get-together with friends was not going to be a wild and crazy affair, I loaded up my backpack with all the weaving-in I had left to do and managed to knock out four bracelets, four washcloths and one Converse baby booty which has a ridiculous number of ends to weave in.

Needless to say I am quite proud of myself! I'm hoping to get the fourth handkerchief knitted and the third woven in by the end of this week. Then I am in for a lot of border crocheting and initial embroidering!

Alas 2010, I Knew You Well...

In all honesty I will not miss 2010. In one year my big-sister figure passed away, I lost contact with lots of good friends, got in to no less than two huge family fights, and gained about forty pounds. Yeah, I'm glad to see it go.

I for one did not make a New Year's Resolution, but I'm sure if I did it would have been to lose weight. After all, what resolution is easier than the one you were already working on? And apparently, I have been working harder than I thought. In keeping with the tradition of New Year's Eve, I threw all caution to the wind and indulged in some very sinful things. I actually ate Taco Bell and Little Caesar's pizza, neither of which was remotely healthy. I know Taco Bell has the fresco option, but a Baja Gordita sounded so good I couldn't resist. Besides, I'm not a drinker so I needed to get my holiday calories in some way, right? It's an excuse I know, but I was weak!

Luckily for me, my metabolism was not! Between a bunch of chips, lots of soda, the previously mentioned junk food indulgences I should have been at least two pounds heavier this afternoon than I was yesterday. According to my Wii Fit, which I trust to keep its own records straight, I wasn't even a 1/2 pound heavier! I literally did a happy dance. My self-pride has landed me some very sore ab muscles today, but it's a good feeling now that I know what doors it is opening up for me! A month ago that Gordita would have rocketed me in to a whole new trouser size. Hooray for metabolism boosts!

To quote one of my favorite pseudo-airheads (Torrence Shipman via "Bring It On") "Let's not rest on our laurels!"

On the Wii Fit Plus you can select a caloric burn goal, which is represented by a piece of food that equals that total. There are nine goals to choose from, ranging from around 100 calories to more than 400.  My usual calorie burn goal is almost 200 calories but I changed it to almost 400 today, mostly in guilt for eating so much crap last night. My abs are definitely reminding me of it, but it is a good kind of ache.

It is the ache of a super-hot bride in an awesome wedding dress!
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