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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Second Try-On Went Well...

I count it as well when the two attendants swore up and down that I almost fit, I just needed to lose a few inches off my waistline. Normally I wouldn't like being told that I needed to lose weight, but when I already know it's true, the assurance that it was doable sounded nice. The woman who laced me into my dress today was able to get it zipped up a little more than the attendant from Tuesday, and knowing that the dress didn't fit took the sting out of seeing the gap on the back. It still hurt, but not nearly as much as it did a few days ago.

In other news: I still haven't worked out today! We ate dinner a little while ago, so I'm letting my food digest before I throw myself into a cardio set, but I will be working out tonight. Being in my dress made me want to hit the gyms HARD and that translates to a great deal of pushups, bicycle crunches, cardio, and Pilates.

I've ordered a bunch of CDs and DVDs from the library, which will make working out even easier. The CDs will increase my workout playlist by at least half and the DVDs will give me a variety of workouts to try. Fiance and I got a new computer recently and I lost a great deal of my music in the data transfer. Replacing more than 500 songs is not easy! The Internet has also given me a ton of new workouts, especially when I Google "Wedding Dress Workouts". I can't wait to give them all a try and start dropping those pounds.

And now for our headline: It has been four days since my last drink of soda and I've managed to fight off some pretty intense temptation! Now if I can only keep this up for another sixty years or so...

In addition to avoiding soda, I've also found a great new way to make sure I eat enough vegetables and avoid eating too many empty carbs and starches. Before serving up a plate of dinner tonight, I made a decent sized salad and chowed down. I started out with about two cups of bagged salad mix then added a whole carrot (sliced), a bunch of broccoli left over from last night, and five grape tomatoes. Total it was a whopping five servings of vegetables. I dressed it with Balsamic Vinaigrette (I know it's not the best dressing, but it's better than a cream!) and enjoyed. A before-dinner salad might be a very good habit to get in to. The salad didn't fill me up but it decreased the appetite I had left, which made me think about what else I was eating. Dinner was pork chops, corn, and a flavored rice. I was served a plate containing all three, but after the salad I was most attracted to the pork chop and the corn. I did eat a little rice, but most of it was left on my plate before I was full.

At the moment I am battling a sweet tooth craving, the third in as many days. I don't normally crave candy, so I think it's a psychological thing. Between dieting and the friend that insists I eat like crap, candy has a definite Forbidden Fruit appeal. I may still indulge, but only in a bite sized treat. And then I have to do an extra five pushups. The pushups alone might prevent me from eating the candy!


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