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Monday, October 18, 2010

Podcasts, Environmental Law, and Birthdays... I Swear They're All Related.....

While I was sitting in my environmental law class today (see, it all stems from here: related) my mind was reeling with the podcast I had started listening to on the bus. Okay, so maybe this all started with the podcast, but we're sticking with environmental law, and that is for a very good reason. Unable to concentrate my full attention on the professor, I was turning over some of the topics the author had covered, and some of the music he had played. I will provide links to both the Podcast and the musicians sites at the bottom of the post and anyone who happens to read this should check them out. All were phenomenal, putting me in a great mood and really making me think.

And when I say it made me think, I am not kidding. I've got seven topics to cover today. SEVEN! Magical and closer to ten than zero, quite an impressive number.

The first topic that came to mind was my family. This could be attributed to the podcast's focus on family, and to the fact that my birthday was yesterday. *Takes a Bow* Yes, thank you... thank you. But the combination of these influences really got me thinking: People are always telling me that I am an unusual person. Not "you wear your underwear on the outside and eat dog treats" kind of unusual, but the "there's something about you I can't really put my finger on" kind. Personally, I don't see it. I may be more sensitive than other people... and, okay, I may be able to communicate freely with errant spirits. But that's not that unusual, right? Right. What on earth caused me to be a spirit-relating, energy-buzzing kind of person? I think it was my parents. My parents share the same birthday, which is very close to Beltane. This has given them some interesting gifts and blessed them with the notice of the fey. If you add that to my birthday, an exact two weeks before Samhain, you may get yourself the answer as to why I am so unusual. I'd never thought about it until today, and that is really saying something. Following this train of thought, I realized my husband's birthday is less than a week after Yule. It will be very interesting to see how our kids turn out.

While in the midst of this starry-eyed revelry, my teacher started talking about drums of toxic waste. Of course, my mind immediately jumped to a pair of tribal drummers who were playing in the commons at my university the other day. See, I swear I was paying attention.... Drummers, right: At the time I thought about going up to them and saying how good they were, maybe ask if they taught others or knew of people who did. I would love to learn the drums. Alas I was too shy and kept moving, missing the chance. I haven't seen them again, though I hope I will. I will definitely be looking into drum lessons in the area though, starting with a local "hippy" shop and moving on from there.

Thinking of drums got my mind on tools of the Craft, and I thought about Besoms. I need to make one for a ritual next year, and I have no idea where to get materials from. I had heard that craft stores are good for it, but my local ones seem to be fresh out of knotty wood and reeds. So I took to the internet, hoping to find some information on what kind of wood I need, and where I could get what i was looking for. Witchvox came through, naturally.
Armed with this article, I will be taking flight (get it???) to my local craft store once again. I am very excited about getting this Besom made! I wonder if the sales associates with know if their wood is birch, ash, willow, or something else? Hmmm...

Now for that podcast information: It is called "A Pagan Heart in Maine" and is highly recommended. The author is both funny and thought-provoking, making the length of the podcast a worthy enjoyment. I know I promised links to his featured artists' page, but I found something better. Below is the link to his website, and it features its own links to the musicians' home pages. Nifty, eh?

And finally, I would like to announce that I will be taking to Amazon later tonight, to review both decks of Tarot cards I currently own, a deck I once owned and then lost (sad face), as well as numerous books on the topic of the Craft. I will post a link to them on another blog post tonight, as well as some pictures I intend to take of the decks. Until then, Blessed Be!


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