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Sunday, October 17, 2010

A Fresh Beginning...

I tried to start this blog yesterday and for some odd reason it did not stick. So, I started again. Those of you who do not reside in my brain (Lucky you!) probably have no idea what this blog is about. A Pagan Path is the place where I post any and all links I would like to keep track of, people I think are interesting, places I want to encourage travel to... and they'll all be related to my religious journey. As the title suggest, I am indeed a Pagan. Wiccan, specifically, but I welcome all people to read my blog.

For a kick off, I am going to repost the links I had on my first attempt yesterday, then go on the add a few more and gush about my latest book plans.

Link one is to the Amazon page for a book of Pagan themed crossword puzzles, which is definitely going on my Christmas wishlist.

Link Two is to the Anticraft website. Although I can't tell if the authors are Pagan or not, the Wheel of the Year skirt featured in their book has me hooked on the website. I even adapted it to make a Samhain ritual skirt, of which I have not taken pictures yet. They'll be up soon, I promise.

I had a third link, but I can not remember what it was. As a sort of fall-back, I am going to post the link to Witchvox's page. Because I can, and because if you don't know about Witchvox you should.

Now for the gushing part. I know I said that would come after the "new" links, but I changed my mind.

For years now I have complained about the lack of religious fiction for Pagan children and teens. Adults don't have much to choose from either, though I am partial to the Rowan Gant series by M.R. Sellars ( Silver Ravenwolf spins a nice Hollywood-esque tale, Laura Faria Stolarz books are highly recommended, and Cate Tiernan got me through high school (mostly). But none of them really look at what being Pagan means on a day to day basis, and a lot of them rely on over-dramatized renditions of the Craft. I would love to see a book focused on how being Pagan helps a young man or woman overcome obstacles, find acceptance, and generally be at peace with themselves. And a few more books with dramatic renditions wouldn't hurt.

My complaining has ceased to be meaningless. I decided that, being an English major and all, I could remedy the situation myself. I've dreamt of being a writer since I was ten and what better to write about than my religion! It lets me have a double dose of the Warm and Fuzzies, from the writing and the religion. Great solution.

Since the inception of this idea, I've added books of poetry to the list. Of course, childrens' poetry is a special subset. Needless to say, I can't wait to get started!

Now for those new links. Keeping with the pro-children theme, I've found some pages I would love to keep handy for when I have little ones of my own. - This link is freaking awesome. Its got coloring pages, stories, and a place to make a digital altar, which mom and dad can then print out for them. I wish I'd known about this place when I was a kid! - A great place for Pagan stories to tell the little ones or to read for your own enjoyment.

And finally, a great link for Pagan families!

I wanted to post a link to Pagan baby clothes, but at the moment that seems to be a largely DIY arena. I am definitely entertaining the idea of a Triple Goddess baby blanket. I must start sketching these things!


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