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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Flower Strings and Christmas Things...

After a foraging expedition in to some craft supplies I had stored in my parents' attic, I found a wonderfully full spool of fishing line. While I normally despise the snarl-y strands, it was the perfect material for the beaded curtain slated to hang behind us at our wedding. Upon our arrival home, we cut the spool in to 6 1/2 foot lengths and bound groups of them together. A bit of quick math told us we would need almost 300 such strands, and our spool was not going to cut it. Once the entire spool was cut, we added a new one to our "Wedding Shopping List" and began threading beads and silk flowers on to the cut strands. Two strands are completed to date and I intend to finish another one tonight. Aunt B told me one particular strand reminded her of the Hindu wedding she attended, which I took as a wonderful compliment. Hindu weddings are visually stunning events, and it made me happy to think we would have a little of that pizzazz in our wedding.

Wedding crafts aside, our other focus is Christmas. With an ever-growing brood of nieces and nephews to make gifts for, I never seem to have enough time! This year was made easier than last year becuase we have already cleared a few gifts with R, thought I doubt his kids will be thrilled. They're getting clothes, because they are at the age where they grow faster than most people can keep up with. I also have a special lock-box in mind for my niece H, because she has had a few problems keeping others out of her diary. I'm hoping to find the right box soon, otherwise I will have to order it off eBay. A little Green Day decoupage and a padlock... Voila! Instant security! I plan on keeping a copy of the key and giving one to H and R, so both father and daughter can access it (and in case H loses her key. R's son Dm is harder. He's a very quiet kid with varied interests, most of which require a computer cable. Thus I am utterly stumped on what to give him.

My nieces R and I are covered. Their bags were finished about a week ago and have been lying in the Gift Bag ever since. I'll take pictures later and post them in my No-Word Wednesday post. My sister A is also getting a personalized bag, though I haven't finished hers yet. My DH is harder to make something for. He's very in to books (a few British authors in particular) and etymology, neither of which lend themselves well to crafting. I may knit him a few things, but I think I will be sticking with books as his gift this year.

Despite the holidays being five months away, I feel like I've fallen behind. October is my family's busiest birthday month, including my own, and there are multiple parties to attend. Not all of these are the craft-friendly kind, though I may organize a Yule Craft party of my own! After Halloween of course.... I might even wait until after Thanksgiving!

Halloween is another great holiday. I plan on going pretty wild with it again, and I can't wait to put some of the new crafting skills I have learned to use!


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