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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Babies, Babies Everywhere... Some are Here, Some are There

I recently found out SIL-S is pregnant (again) and a good friend of mine is expecting her first. This is an excellent opportunity to knit the baby booties I've been eyeballing on Ravelry. I've already started the Converse Baby Booties, knitting one of them in a day, though the number of ends I have to weave in are ridiculous. It will be worth it though, and they are so cute! The top is shaped using short rows and I was utterly lost at first. I posted a thread on Ravelry (after a lot of project page and blog post lurking) and was reassured by the responses. Short rows may appear scary but they're not, trust me!

My queue now features the Sea Creature Baby Booties, Hobbit Feet Baby Booties, the Shrek Baby hat, the Pixie baby hat, the Berry Baby hat, the Santa's Helper booties and a pair of plain booties, for unassuming days. Of course, each mother will recieve a rendering of each project and I am making a third version of each to put in my Hope Chest. If I find out either baby is a girl, I have a cute little skully jumper waiting in the wings. Although, should either turn out to be a boy I may just knit one up for me! I may not be expecting a baby, but one must be prepared. They grow too fast! At the moment the only toy I am knitting is a set of stuffed Stitch Sampler blocks. They'll be great for a baby and I get to play with the samples. I'm thinking of making a pretty wild one, I just need to check the gauge in my stitch dictionary against that of the project.

Other than baby knitting, my prjects have slowed down. I'm out of yarn for the Handkerchiefs, though we plan on buying more next month, and the garters have been ignored. There isn't really any reason, I just haven't felt like working on them. Unfortunately I set a deadline for myself and that means I need to have three of them knitted, blocked and mostly sewn up before the end of the month. I can't dye them until I have them all ready, but I don't think it will take me too long once I start working on them again. I've also decided not to make the veil, mostly because it does not match the dress style I want. I've found some gorgeous lace at Michael's instead and intend on using that. Now if only I could decide on a dress!

I finished a beer bottle cozy a few days ago. Its very cute and really makes my drinks stand out. I've been using it with IBC cola, but its all the same thing! =)


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