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Thursday, June 3, 2010


My no-knit night was a success. I got the embroidery and sewing done on my two dolls. I will be knitting the arms and legs soon and sewing them on during my next No-Knit Night. I also finished all the seaming on the garter pockets. Its a great feeling to have them done. Leaving long tails was especially helpful when seaming, as was going along the same seam more than once. I closed a lot of gaps that way.

When I resumed knitting tonight I resumed work on my Rainbow Baby Blanket. I used yarn that was much too thick and I have gotten tired of working on it. I started the project to work on a blanket but I am not pleased with the way it has turned out. I plan on donating it to a friend's charity, I Love My Blanky, which makes and donates blankets for the homeless. Its a tedious blanket, and I will certainly pick a more interesting one next time.

I also restarted the Hopechest Handkerchief project tonight. My first handkerchief is complete except for the lettering and embroidery, which I have checked out a book on. At first I tried to freehand the lettering, but that did not work. The original pattern suggests using tracing paper pinned to the handkerchief, and I recommend doing so. Freehand is a lot harder than it seems! Hopefully I will have it done by next week, after almost a year of hibernation. It was one of the first projects I put on Ravelry and it will be nice to see it finished.

As of tonight I am down to four WIPs, five hibernating projects and one frogged project. I eventually intend to complete them all, and to redo the frogged item. With things as crazy as they are at the moment, that may take a while.

I still have all the other crafts to do, seaming took more time than I thought it would. Sunday is my day off, however, and I plan to make the most of it!


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