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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Organized Knitting? Impossible!

I, like many other knitters, recently got tired of misplacing my patterns and using yarn intended for project A for project B instead! All that was compounded by living with my fiance and two cats in a tiny studio apartment, and I decided to do something about it. Amidst pulling my hair out for unrelated reasons, I struck upon a solution. After two hours, I have a folder for in-progress and queued patterns, which is in a basket with a number of labeled bags and tupperware containers, each containing a single project.

I must say that this system is so effective! It forced me to find as many patterns as I could, put them all in one place, then clean up the messes certain UFOs had become. The dolls intended for me niece had half-frogged accessories mingled with yarn intended for the dolls' arms, as well as extra needles that were not even the right size! My desire for a clean and organized work environment gave me the fortitude to dig through that tangled mess and set it all to rights. In one sitting I frogged a flowered headdress intended for a doll I decided not to make, frogged another flowered headdress that was much too big for the dolls, balled all the reclaimed yarn, stored what I no longer needed and cast on for a resized headdress.

Other projects have finally reached completion, such as the book cozy I knit some time ago. After sitting in various bins for three years I finished seaming the edges and put it to use, holding my current book. I must admit that it is not my finest work, but I am proud that I finished it. The edging will need work as time goes on, I have no idea what I was doing when I first made it. The project reminded me of how many skills I have learned through knitting, and of other skills I have honed. It really is surprising!

I also did one project, start to finish, in less than 24 hours. The Doughnut pincushion is my current crown jewel, because I do not normally knit and I am very proud of how well it come out. I've already used it to hold the pins I blocked my garter with!

My garter is my most complex project to date. While my Tank Top was my first garment, and it taught me a new cast on method, the garter is my first lace work, and my first foray in to sewing a knit item. I purchased the bias tape and elastic last night and hope to have it sewn on by this weekend. It will certainly need more starch, and I need to take more time with it, but that is why I am throwing my first garter at the wedding. LOL The yellow ribbon looks fantastic in it, and looking back on the project it knit up much quicker than I expected.


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