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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The No-Knit Night

I have decreed that tonight is a No-Knit night! Over the last three or four days I have knit quite a bit, completing my last pocket garter, two doll headdresses, and beginning another lace garter. As a result my hands have started to hurt and there are several "completed" objects in need of attention. This attention can range from embroidered embellishments to crocheted trimming to the weaving in of ends and the sewing of seams.

I may be able to finish my first Hope Chest Handkerchief this week, as long as I can find a good book on calligraphy to trace and copy letters from. Once I have done that, it will be complete!

The second Hope Chest Handkerchief still needs a border as well as embellishment, so that will take me a bit longer. I also need to find my old copy of the pattern so I can read over the notes I wrote the first time. Once I have both of those completed (and I can work it in to the budget LOL) I will order the same yarn the other two were knit from, so I can make one for my MIL and my StepMIL as well. Maybe even one for me and each BM, though that really depends on time and cost.

The cabbage and flower dolls are coming along rather quickly. Since frogging the original flowered headdresses I have re-knit the purple one and completed the cabbage headdress. Tonight I will embroider the faces and sew the headdresses on.

I also have to weave in the ends on two more pocket garters, as well as sew up the seams. I completed one while at a family party on Monday, but seaming takes a lot more attention than knitting and I put it away after a bit so I could be more social. Hopefully I can have them all done by this weekend and they can be checked off my list!

My intention is to complete all my WIPs and at least half of my hibernating projects by the time the semester starts in August. I don't knit much during the school year, and I have lots of other crafts to do as well.

Since this is mostly a knitting blog, I don't really want to get in to the other crafts I am doing. Instead, I will list them below. At least that way I can make sure I won't forget them! =)

Crafts Left To Do:
  1. Wedding Curtain (This will be used to make sure the unsightly things behind our officiant aren't captured on film LOL)
  2. The Wedding Canopy (Large enough to cover my fiance, the officiant, and I as well as our altar)
  3. Christmas Bags (For my nieces)
  4. Christmas boxes (to replace all the wrapping paper and conserve waste)
  5. BM's necklaces
  6. Dusty's Memorial Candle
  7. Memorial Bracelets
  8. Spa Kits (For Christmas)
I also intend to spend a great deal of time tonight baking and preparing some healthy desserts we can eat during the week. There are also some household chores to be done, but they certainly have no place in my knitting blog, they're too depressing!


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