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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Tips, Tricks, & Plans for Lace Garters

I have almost completed my first lace garter, and I am quite proud. I have done about three repeats a day, topping out at five yesterday. The second to last repeat was a mess, and I nearly lost a lot of knitting from a dropped stitch, but I picked it up in time. The two stitches that I dropped and knit over I have hung paper clips on. When I finish the garter I plan on running a long length of thread through the stitches and weaving them in to secure the dropped stitches. I recommend keeping a size 7 crochet hook handy for picking up dropped stitches, and for assisting in carrying certain stitches over.

I think the garter will be done by tonight or tomorrow night, and then I will weave in all ends and block right away. If it looks good after blocking I will sew the bias tape and elastic in, as well as treading the ribbon and tying the bow. I may also find a small charm to add, though I'm not sure what yet. Probably a Celtic or religious symbol, though I have no idea where to find one that small. Once I have a complete garter I am going to cast on for the rest, if I like the one I have completed. I think I will, which is good. If I don't then its back to square one!


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