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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Tips, Tricks, & Plans for Lace Garters

I have almost completed my first lace garter, and I am quite proud. I have done about three repeats a day, topping out at five yesterday. The second to last repeat was a mess, and I nearly lost a lot of knitting from a dropped stitch, but I picked it up in time. The two stitches that I dropped and knit over I have hung paper clips on. When I finish the garter I plan on running a long length of thread through the stitches and weaving them in to secure the dropped stitches. I recommend keeping a size 7 crochet hook handy for picking up dropped stitches, and for assisting in carrying certain stitches over.

I think the garter will be done by tonight or tomorrow night, and then I will weave in all ends and block right away. If it looks good after blocking I will sew the bias tape and elastic in, as well as treading the ribbon and tying the bow. I may also find a small charm to add, though I'm not sure what yet. Probably a Celtic or religious symbol, though I have no idea where to find one that small. Once I have a complete garter I am going to cast on for the rest, if I like the one I have completed. I think I will, which is good. If I don't then its back to square one!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Knitting for my Wedding...

My fiance proposed on New Year's Eve and I now have a stack of projects to knit before the big day. At the moment I am working on Pocket Garters for myself and my Bridesmaids as well as pretty lace garters, with an additional garter to throw. Elann Esprit and Cascade Fixation are my yarn of choice for the pocket garters while Aunt Lydia's crochet thread forms the lace garters. I have switched to size 30 thread because I could not find size 40, and I believe it works just as well. I intend to finish all eleven garters before the end of summer, which is easy to do since I am almost done with the pocket garters and I do at least two repeats of the lace pattern each day for the pretty garters. I did a bit of research on Ravelry before starting to work with the size 30 thread (I originally had size 10, not knowing there was a difference). One knitter finished hers within a month by doing one repeat a day, which is wise because the repeats often take an hour. I have since slimmed my time down with small tricks I learned (detailed in my projects page), but it is still hard on my wrists.

I did three repeats yesterday and two each day before that. I am at a little over seven inches, and I intend to be at ten before the end of the week. My hope is to complete the garter within two weeks and cast on for the second before the end of the month. This will give me a three-month completion time for all six garters, which is perfect. I never get to knit much during school semesters and I am knitting my veil as well. Since the wedding is early next May, I don't have a lot of time to get it all done. Hopefully I can make it work. I also have to finish the dolls for my adorable niece, which will be part of her Christmas present. I also have the "stuffers" we bought earlier, such as the black velvet "Color In" picture frames, the Coloring Books and a few other knick knacks. The girls have also destroyed the bags we got them last year so we're going to make them new ones this year, though I think we're going to go about it differently. I am going to ask his mother to teach me how to sew, then I am going to make them quilted bags. Those should last longer than shore-bought canvas. We'll see.

Because lace is tricky to work on in the car, I have been working on other projects during the lengthy periods we have been in the car this summer. Incidentally, they also work wonders for my patience when things get tedious and we are out of the house. The projects include the rainbow baby blanket I started a year ago. Perhaps I will see Brittany again and give it to her. Otherwise I will donate it to a homeless shelter or some other organization who could use it. I will admit its not my best work but it is my first blanket. I also have to finish my cabled scarf, though I think the one on my needles is for my mother. I may have finished that one and wrapped it last Christmas, so I am a bit confused lol. Another Mother of the Bride Handkerchief is in the queue, this one for my fiance's mother. After that is one for his stepmother and then (possibly) crocheted necklaces for them. It depends on how much time I have =(

I also have to make the bags for my Bridesmaids, as well as the crocheted bags to go inside, their mix CD's and the art for their covers, their chokers, the chuppah, the bead curtain for behind the chuppah and a number of other things. Suddenly I don't feel like there is enough time to do everything! Hopefully there is, fingers crossed and hope to the Goddess!
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