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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Getting Myself In Stitches Again...

I took an unofficial hiatus from knitting over the last few weeks. Between the straight A's I promised myself, money woes and my work schedule I was too busy to take up my needles. I know there was time while I was watching TV or in the car (as a passenger of course!) but those time frames were either used for sleeping or reading. February ninth marked the beginning of the end for my hiatus. While taking pictures of the wonderful Salvation Army treasures I scored (discussed in my other blog) I remembered that my Ravelry account was strangely lacking in new pictures. My tank top had grown by about twenty inches, I had most certainly started the Braided Scarf and I had several completed Christmas Washcloths.

For months now I have been working on the Two-Fisted Tank from the Pints and Purls book. I expected it to be a project that knit up quickly and I was right for the most part. In October we were driving a great deal and I was able to knit the 2x2 rib pattern without getting bored. 13 inches quickly grew from my needles but froze when the holidays approached. The mad rush of holidays killed my drive to knit the tank top. I revived the project in the middle of last month and have no finished the body and the shaping for arm holes. All I have left is the yoke of the top which requires knowledge of the Backwards Loop Caston. Once I learn that there is no stopping me!

My mother's scarf is coming along nicely as well. A week after Christmas I asked her what she wanted me to knit her, as a belated gift, and she asked for a scarf in black. I had to find something funky and cool for a mom such as mine. The Braided Scarf was the answer to my quest. Five stitch cables make the braiding easy enough and size 13 needles knit it up quickly. I am using Shepard's Shades by Brown Sheep and I have fallen in love with this wool! Its soft and knits up with more loft than I expected. I am thinking of using this yarn in a hat for myself if the weight is what I need but for now my mother's scarf is a beautiful use for it. My only complaint is that as the scarf gets longer (currently it is about 4 feet) it gets heavier and makes a less convenient travel project which was my original use for it. Such is the way of the knit I suppose!

The project I have been happiest to resume, due in part to its long hibernation, is the project of Christmas Washcloths. Around the end of August I developed the brilliant idea of making spa kits for the women in my family. Hand knit washcloths, home made candles, personally bound books in addition to a few organic beauty supplies stuffed in to baskets purchased from Salvation Army. Brilliant idea! Except for the fact that candle making is messy, I had yet to find local organic hygeine supplies and the washcloths took 6 hours to knit give or take a few interruptions. At a meager 5 washcloths a basket I had about 45 washcloths to make. I know it sounds like I had plenty of time, but as always there were complications. September my fiance and I settled in to our new apartment and life in a town. He attended classes during the day while I finished unpacking and rearranging. October is one of the busiest months for our families and then we both came down with the dreaded Swine Flu in Novemmber. By December it was too late to consider finishing all 43 washcloths that had yet to be cast on and I pushed the project back a year. Now it is back on my needles and I am so excited to see the little flowers form!

At the moment I have frozen work on the scarf pending a trip to my Local Yarn Store. I will be making a second one because they are just too cute but first I need to finish my mom's. The washcloths are my best bet for travel work because they never get very big but I work from a cone of cotton which is. I suppose that is just the way projects go.
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