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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Finger Health...

My shoulders and hands have been tense and tired lately and I think its because of all the knitting I have been doing and I'm sure all the other stress isn't helping. There is the usual life stress, the no-job stress, the "I made it into school now how the hell do I pay for it" stress and the familial relationship stress. Joyous. At least I already have one can cozy and two washcloths done as well as one soap cozy most of the way done. This weekend I'll work on the soap cozies or washcloths in the car and the stockings and cape while I'm around everyone else since I can't let the ladies see what I'm making. I'm still obsessing about the Two-Fist Tank from Pints and Purls but the beginning of next month means I can get yarn enough to make two of them, one for the holidays and one for going out clubbing. I can't wait!


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