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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Christmas Fever...

I think I've finally gone mental. Whilst looking for gift ideas for the women in my family, I stumbled upon several patterns that would be easy to do and, put together with soap and bath oils, would make wonderful spa kits. So I set out to make roughly 30 washcloths, 10 soap socks, 10 hand bound books, 10 bottles of bath oil, 10 candles and to purchase 10 bars of Godiva and 10 paperbacks to be read at their leisure. For Gary I have NO IDEA what to make, which is HORRIBLE! I will make two stockings, one for each of us, if I have the time and for myself I have clapped eyes on the Two Fisted Tank Top from Pints & Purls. One in cream for the holiday season and one in a deep red, just in case my cream one is dirty. Ry and Iv are getting knit dolls in the French style and as for Cor... I don't know. At least the older kids are just getting clothes! Yes, I am that kind of "aunt". Though my siblings are getting the same thing... *shrug* oh well.

There are also the projects for Dusty and Rob's Wedding. My cape to keep warm at the reception and the leg warmers for the bachelorette party. At least their gift is probably coming from a registry! 

Well, no time to talk left, have to take care of the house and start knitting!

*Runs off*


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