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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Yesterday's Endeavors...

I finished the turquoise band on my afghan for Brittany. I've almost got the darn thing completed and its taken me only since February. I put that in my purse along with the next two colors I would need because I was going to my first knitting group in two years! Okay, so it wasn't a group so much as the owner of my local yarn shop, myself and one other woman. I brought the afghan and the Never-ending Bag along with the yarn for my Mother of the Bride Handkerchiefs. I started out with the bag since that is the bane of my existence and worked a good number or rows in the round before I finally put it away. Though I did change from black to purple before putting it back in its bag. Is it sad that I have a specific bag that the project has lived in for about two years now? Anyways, back to the knitting group. I got there a little after two and left a little before four due to a few factors. One was the god awful rain, which I had to drive in to get to Aldi's before they closed. The other factor was that I didn't realize I had been parked in a one hour spot for two hours, OOPS! Luckily I didn't get a ticket and went home somewhat satisfied. I didn't touch the afghan while I was there but I did get a pair of size 2 needles to knit the MOTB Handkerchief with. The owner and I both agreed 77 stitches instead of the 88 called for would give me the proper size and I cast on happily, leaving a little after I finished. Later that day I finished quite a few rows, perhaps an inch of knitting. One small step towards the 22 total inches I will have to knit to make both handkerchiefs. I also asked if the menstrual cup cozy pattern in my Anticraft book could be made with acrylic yarn and she said it could, which makes me happy. I think I'll go back next Friday, I hope more people turn out.


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