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Monday, August 31, 2009

One Down...

I just finished the body of my first handkerchief today. The bottom cast off edge is very tight and uniform, I think it looks beautiful. I'm going to find wherever I put the pattern down and use my gauge swatch to figure out how I am going to do the lace pattern on the edge. I bought some fingering weight cotton from my local yarn shop in a beautiful emerald green. This one is going to be for momma. The second one I make will be for Kirsten. I would have bought the edging yarn for hers as well but I couldn't afford it at the moment. I have a job interview Tuesday and because they called me in for an interview five days after I dropped off my application I am very excited about possibly getting the job. Volunteering in libraries for ten years certainly gives me an edge when I want to work in a book store!

I'm considering not finishing the blanket, or donating it once I do. I don't want to give something that I put that much energy into to someone I don't really trust any more. She was one of my best friends but she's made such poor decisions that I can't trust her any more and I don't know how I feel about giving her a hand-knit gift. Progress on the blanket has stopped until I can decide.

I'm also decided to only make the bag 23 inches long instead of 24, which will give me about 11 1/2 inches when I am done with it. I am almost to 20 inches and then I am going to ask my local yarn lady to help me with the bottom at the next open knit I attend. It depresses me that to start a knitting meetup I have to pay money, but maybe I can put one together after I get my job. It all depends on what our finances look like.

On another note Gary wanted me to make him a sweater but I refused on principle. You never make the boyfriend sweater unless you want him running for the hills. Once I explained the curse of the boyfriend sweater he asked me for a pair of socks. Which means that I actually have to try a pair of socks now. I'm excited because I want to make my own pair of knee or thigh high socks (my favorite kinds of socks) but I'm also nervous because I've never tried it before. 


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