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Monday, August 24, 2009

Depleting My Stash...

Since I have so much acrylic yarn, and I hate acrylic yarn, I've decided to follow in Kathy's footsteps and make blankets for the VA hospital. I have two hunter green skeins that I'm going to use to make  few lap blankets and a couple of scarves, if I can stretch them that long. On top of that the green yearn that I am using for Brittany's blanket is from a huge skein that would make great blankets. I wish I had remembered the hunter green sooner. Its not as pretty as the green I'm already using but it would have been a better contrast against the turquoise.

I've also gotten almost three inches done on one of the handkerchiefs. I think I may have to go back to Unique Yarns and get another skein of the bamboo/ wool blend I'm using. For about $8 a pop its expensive but its still less than my mothers deserve at my wedding. I'm also thinking of doing the edging in this gorgeous cotton my local yarn dealer turned me on to. I don't want to do it in silk because silk is so expensive and unnecessary. There are two options I'm considering. One of them is to buy two different colors of this fingering weight cotton yarn that is produced by a women's cooperative in Uruguay. If I do that then I will be supporting other morals besides ecofriendly living, which is a major theme of my wedding plans. (Damn, I sound like I'm engaged already. No wonder my yarn dealer got the wrong idea!) The other option is just a pretty yarn spun in fingering weight that she sells right there in the store. I think it would cost less since I'd have to order the other yarn online but it wouldn't have the secondary benefit and I wouldn't really be able to promote it as well. Like they say, the devils in the details.

As I feel I must speak of it, here is an update on the never-ending bag: I got a few rows done yesterday right after we woke up, which was around two since we were both on third shit schedules. He was amused by how big the damn thing was but understood its size when I told him it was going to be felted. Luckily my local yarn shop has the yarn I started the project in so if I need more (which its looking like I might, sadly) I can get it there. I prefer to support local business than Wal-Mart or ordering online, especially since its incredibly easy to ride my bike down there instead of driving. 

Time to go watch TV and knit. Unfortunately that's all I've been doing for about a week now.


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