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Thursday, December 17, 2009

So Close and Yet...

I have finally finished knitting the bag from hell, also commonly known as Hermione's Magical Knitting Bag from the book Charmed Knits. Tomorrow I take it to my LYS for help with sewing and then I will felting it and viola! New school bag! Unfortunately completing this bag came at the price of giving up on my Christmas Gift aspirations. I will be saving the spa kits for next year I am afraid. =(

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Knitting for Money

I would love to take commissions and knit for money. One of the girl's in my boyfriend's class lost  her Ravenclaw scarf and I offered to do one for her if she would pay me. Because we're all broke college kids I am thinking of taking a payment plan, say $10 or $15 a month and I'll write up a little contract and have it notarized if thats what we have to do but I'm not sure if thats going overboard. 

On another note I am going to start making knitting novelties to sell on Etsy. Its not very expensive to put things online and most of my materials are reclaimed from various sources so it doesn't cost much to put them together. I will advertise here and on Ravelry and on other sites I am involved with so I can increase my traffic. Here's to hoping!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Finger Health...

My shoulders and hands have been tense and tired lately and I think its because of all the knitting I have been doing and I'm sure all the other stress isn't helping. There is the usual life stress, the no-job stress, the "I made it into school now how the hell do I pay for it" stress and the familial relationship stress. Joyous. At least I already have one can cozy and two washcloths done as well as one soap cozy most of the way done. This weekend I'll work on the soap cozies or washcloths in the car and the stockings and cape while I'm around everyone else since I can't let the ladies see what I'm making. I'm still obsessing about the Two-Fist Tank from Pints and Purls but the beginning of next month means I can get yarn enough to make two of them, one for the holidays and one for going out clubbing. I can't wait!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Christmas Fever...

I think I've finally gone mental. Whilst looking for gift ideas for the women in my family, I stumbled upon several patterns that would be easy to do and, put together with soap and bath oils, would make wonderful spa kits. So I set out to make roughly 30 washcloths, 10 soap socks, 10 hand bound books, 10 bottles of bath oil, 10 candles and to purchase 10 bars of Godiva and 10 paperbacks to be read at their leisure. For Gary I have NO IDEA what to make, which is HORRIBLE! I will make two stockings, one for each of us, if I have the time and for myself I have clapped eyes on the Two Fisted Tank Top from Pints & Purls. One in cream for the holiday season and one in a deep red, just in case my cream one is dirty. Ry and Iv are getting knit dolls in the French style and as for Cor... I don't know. At least the older kids are just getting clothes! Yes, I am that kind of "aunt". Though my siblings are getting the same thing... *shrug* oh well.

There are also the projects for Dusty and Rob's Wedding. My cape to keep warm at the reception and the leg warmers for the bachelorette party. At least their gift is probably coming from a registry! 

Well, no time to talk left, have to take care of the house and start knitting!

*Runs off*

Monday, August 31, 2009

One Down...

I just finished the body of my first handkerchief today. The bottom cast off edge is very tight and uniform, I think it looks beautiful. I'm going to find wherever I put the pattern down and use my gauge swatch to figure out how I am going to do the lace pattern on the edge. I bought some fingering weight cotton from my local yarn shop in a beautiful emerald green. This one is going to be for momma. The second one I make will be for Kirsten. I would have bought the edging yarn for hers as well but I couldn't afford it at the moment. I have a job interview Tuesday and because they called me in for an interview five days after I dropped off my application I am very excited about possibly getting the job. Volunteering in libraries for ten years certainly gives me an edge when I want to work in a book store!

I'm considering not finishing the blanket, or donating it once I do. I don't want to give something that I put that much energy into to someone I don't really trust any more. She was one of my best friends but she's made such poor decisions that I can't trust her any more and I don't know how I feel about giving her a hand-knit gift. Progress on the blanket has stopped until I can decide.

I'm also decided to only make the bag 23 inches long instead of 24, which will give me about 11 1/2 inches when I am done with it. I am almost to 20 inches and then I am going to ask my local yarn lady to help me with the bottom at the next open knit I attend. It depresses me that to start a knitting meetup I have to pay money, but maybe I can put one together after I get my job. It all depends on what our finances look like.

On another note Gary wanted me to make him a sweater but I refused on principle. You never make the boyfriend sweater unless you want him running for the hills. Once I explained the curse of the boyfriend sweater he asked me for a pair of socks. Which means that I actually have to try a pair of socks now. I'm excited because I want to make my own pair of knee or thigh high socks (my favorite kinds of socks) but I'm also nervous because I've never tried it before. 

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

For Charity...

I've decided to make blankets and scarves for the homeless. Its not that I don't like veterans but I really feel that the homeless need it more. Fun fun fun.

I've also decided to set up a second blog pertaining to my environmental endeavors. I'll probably do that tomorrow because I have a lot I want to get done offline today.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Depleting My Stash...

Since I have so much acrylic yarn, and I hate acrylic yarn, I've decided to follow in Kathy's footsteps and make blankets for the VA hospital. I have two hunter green skeins that I'm going to use to make  few lap blankets and a couple of scarves, if I can stretch them that long. On top of that the green yearn that I am using for Brittany's blanket is from a huge skein that would make great blankets. I wish I had remembered the hunter green sooner. Its not as pretty as the green I'm already using but it would have been a better contrast against the turquoise.

I've also gotten almost three inches done on one of the handkerchiefs. I think I may have to go back to Unique Yarns and get another skein of the bamboo/ wool blend I'm using. For about $8 a pop its expensive but its still less than my mothers deserve at my wedding. I'm also thinking of doing the edging in this gorgeous cotton my local yarn dealer turned me on to. I don't want to do it in silk because silk is so expensive and unnecessary. There are two options I'm considering. One of them is to buy two different colors of this fingering weight cotton yarn that is produced by a women's cooperative in Uruguay. If I do that then I will be supporting other morals besides ecofriendly living, which is a major theme of my wedding plans. (Damn, I sound like I'm engaged already. No wonder my yarn dealer got the wrong idea!) The other option is just a pretty yarn spun in fingering weight that she sells right there in the store. I think it would cost less since I'd have to order the other yarn online but it wouldn't have the secondary benefit and I wouldn't really be able to promote it as well. Like they say, the devils in the details.

As I feel I must speak of it, here is an update on the never-ending bag: I got a few rows done yesterday right after we woke up, which was around two since we were both on third shit schedules. He was amused by how big the damn thing was but understood its size when I told him it was going to be felted. Luckily my local yarn shop has the yarn I started the project in so if I need more (which its looking like I might, sadly) I can get it there. I prefer to support local business than Wal-Mart or ordering online, especially since its incredibly easy to ride my bike down there instead of driving. 

Time to go watch TV and knit. Unfortunately that's all I've been doing for about a week now.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Yesterday's Endeavors...

I finished the turquoise band on my afghan for Brittany. I've almost got the darn thing completed and its taken me only since February. I put that in my purse along with the next two colors I would need because I was going to my first knitting group in two years! Okay, so it wasn't a group so much as the owner of my local yarn shop, myself and one other woman. I brought the afghan and the Never-ending Bag along with the yarn for my Mother of the Bride Handkerchiefs. I started out with the bag since that is the bane of my existence and worked a good number or rows in the round before I finally put it away. Though I did change from black to purple before putting it back in its bag. Is it sad that I have a specific bag that the project has lived in for about two years now? Anyways, back to the knitting group. I got there a little after two and left a little before four due to a few factors. One was the god awful rain, which I had to drive in to get to Aldi's before they closed. The other factor was that I didn't realize I had been parked in a one hour spot for two hours, OOPS! Luckily I didn't get a ticket and went home somewhat satisfied. I didn't touch the afghan while I was there but I did get a pair of size 2 needles to knit the MOTB Handkerchief with. The owner and I both agreed 77 stitches instead of the 88 called for would give me the proper size and I cast on happily, leaving a little after I finished. Later that day I finished quite a few rows, perhaps an inch of knitting. One small step towards the 22 total inches I will have to knit to make both handkerchiefs. I also asked if the menstrual cup cozy pattern in my Anticraft book could be made with acrylic yarn and she said it could, which makes me happy. I think I'll go back next Friday, I hope more people turn out.

The First...

To be honest I started this blog so I would have somewhere to write down my progress with my knitting. Some of my projects are for other people, and I endeavor to start knitting for charity soon. Others are for me to use as soon as I finish them and yet one other is to be placed in my Hope Chest, as soon as its done that is. This is just an introductory post, I'll be putting actual updates on my projects up next in separate posts. I think I'm going to like this.
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